ADH III pericarditis

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  1. Why would you get periph edema and hepatic failure from pericarditis?
    heart calcified - ventricles can't expand - low CO - s/s HF - heart gets backed up with fluid - increase venous pressure - periph edema and hepatic failure
  2. s/s pericarditis?
    • chest pain
    • clavicle, neck, scapula
  3. your pt has pericarditis, what position can you advise him to do to help with the chest pain?

    what don't you want him to do?
    lean forward.

    breathe deep or lie down
  4. What labs you gonna find with pericarditis? (think, inflammation)
    • c-reactice protein
    • ESR
    • WBC
    • anemia
  5. Why would you be seeing dyspnea with pericarditis?
    heart isn't pumping out enough blood, similar to HF
  6. What is the difference between MI and pericarditis?
    type of pain. usually it hurts when you breathe deep, move the body around. 

    friction rub.
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ADH III pericarditis
ADH III pericarditis
ADH III pericarditis
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