Neuro week

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  1. function of a neuron
    connects brain to spinal cord to body`
  2. parts of the neuron
    dendrite, cell body, axon
  3. function of myelin sheath
    covers and insulates axon so that messages can be sent faster
  4. function of nodes of Ranvier
    saltatory conduction
  5. what is multiple sclerosis
    chronic disease of the CNS
  6. what is Guilian-Barre Disease
    acute disease of the PNS
  7. the two parts of the autonomic nervous system
    sympathetic and parasympathetic
  8. what is sypathetic NS
    fight-or flight, pupils dilate, heart rate increases, digestion slows down,dilates bronchi
  9. what is parasympathetic NS
    rest and digest, pupils contract, heart rate decreases, digestion is simulated, constricts bronchi
  10. function of somatic nervous system
    controls voluntary muscles and senses
  11. what are the layers of the meninnges(outter to inner)
    Dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater
  12. functions of the central spinal fluid
    • acts as a cushion when the head moves to prevent the brain from hitting against skull
    • washes away metabolic waste from the brain
  13. function of arachnoid granulations
    removal of waste and excess CSF
  14. What cause hydrocephalus
    • increased CSF production
    • blocked CSF circulation
    • decreased CSF absorption
  15. main dermatones
    • C1-no dermatone
    • C7- middle finger
    • T4- nipple line
    • T10- bellybutton
  16. what is a sulcus
    groove on brain surface
  17. fissure
    deep furrow or cleft
  18. gyrus
    elevated, rounded folds on cerebrum
  19. function of frontal lobe
    • voluntary movement
    • high cognitive function
  20. what do the premotor complew and primary motor cortex make up
    precentral gyrus
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