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  1. anomia
    a form of aphasia in which the patient is unable to recall the names of everyday objects.
  2. Murphy's sign (for kidneys)
    put palm over costovertebral angle (over a kidney), thump it, see if there's pain
  3. trimalleolar fracture
    best x-ray views
    • both malleoli and post rim of tibia
    • AP and lat (not PA bc it's not routine for the ankle)
  4. frequency vs intensity in US
    • freq: 1 or 3 MHz -- 1 goes deeper because of less scatter in superficial layers
    • intensity: 0.5-2.5w/cm^2 -- lower intensities for thinner skin (wrist) and acute issues; higher for thick skin (back) and chronic issues
  5. declarative memory
    • conscious, explicit, cognitive memory
    • a function of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus
  6. procedural memory
    • unconscious or implicit memoryrecall of skills, habits, emotional responses
    • 2/2 integrated action of frontal cortex/neocortex, thalamus, and striatum of basal ganglia
  7. amygdala
    • forms core of limbic circuits
    • important for triggering feelings, drive-related behavior, fear, memory, decision making
    • found in temporal lobe
  8. metabolic syndrome qualifications
    • waist: >40 for men, > 35 for women
    • triglycerides: >150 mg/dL
    • HDL: <40 mg/dL
    • BP: >130/85 (either numbers)
    • fasting glucose: >100 mg/dL
  9. hyperkalemia and T wave?
    it'll be high  (thanks Galicia!)
  10. s&s of hypokalemia
    • muscle weakness
    • fatigue
    • leg cramps
    • hyporeflexia
    • posural HoTN
    • dizziness
    • flat T wave
    • depressed ST
  11. Rubor of dependency test is for __, not for ___
    • peripheral artery disease
    • not for lymphedema or venous issues
  12. standard ranges in ABI
    • ankle brachial index
    • 1 = normal
    • 0.5-0.8 = moderate arterial compromise
    • < 0.5 = severe
  13. ramp up and down time for FES for a pt with spasticity?
    • longer ramp up time, like 5 sec, to avoid stimming spasticity
    • ramp down time doesn't matter
  14. post cerebral artery syndrome presents how?
    • visual cortex defects (contralat homon hemi, dyslexia, prosopagnosia
    • memory defect (temporal lobe)
  15. skin color changes for chronic venous insuff
    brownish above ankle
  16. agoraphobia
    fear of going out in public
  17. ht of horiz grab bars in bathroom
    33-36 inches
  18. minimum ramp grade
    1:12 inches - for every inch of stair, a foot of ramp
  19. minimum doorway clearance for WC
    • 32 inches
    • 36 is ideal
  20. WC toilet ht
    17-19 inches

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