Adrenal glands, Pancreas, Pineal and Thymus glands, Ovaries and testes 3

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  1. pancreatolysis
    destruction of the pancreas
  2. pancreatic hormones
    • glucagon
    • insulin
  3. glucagon
    • liver and blood: increases blood glucose level by accelerating conversion of glycogen into glucose in the liver (glycogenolysis) and conversion of other nutrients into glucose in the liver (gluconeogenesis) and releasing glucose into the blood
    • converts glycogen to glucose
  4. glucagon deficiency
  5. insulin
    • tissue cells: lowers blood glucose levels by accelerating glucose transport into cells
    • converts glucose to glycogen
  6. insulin hyposecretion
    diabetes mellitus
  7. insulin hypersecretion
  8. glycogen
    forming or producing sugar
  9. glucogenesis, glycogenesis
    forming, producing, or origin of sugar
  10. glucometer
    • instrument used to calculate blood glucose from one drop of blood
    • used in diabetes mellitus
  11. hyperglycemia
    • excessive glucose in the blood
    • leads to impaired wound healing, decreased ability for body to fight infection, damage to the kidneys
  12. hypoglycemia
    • deficiency of blood glucose
    • due to too much insulin or dietary deficiency
    • glucose administered by mouth or through IV
  13. Diabetes
    • causes hyperglycemia and occurs if the pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of insulin
    • occurs if body cells become resistant to insulin and do not utilize insulin properly
  14. 3 cardinal signs of diabetes
    • polydipsia
    • polyuria
    • polyphagia
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Adrenal glands, Pancreas, Pineal and Thymus glands
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