Brain 1

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  1. encephalaitis
    inflammation of the brain
  2. encephalaoma
    tumor of the brain
  3. cerebral cortex
    convers the entire cerebrum and is composed of gray matter
  4. cerebral
    pertaining to the cerebrum
  5. cerebrotomy
    incision of the cerebrum
  6. brainstem parts
    • midbrain
    • pons
    • medulla
  7. brainstem
    site where motor neurons cross from one side of the body to the other, so that the right half of the brain controls movement involving the left side of the body and vice versa
  8. pons
    • part of the brainstem that contains nerve tracts that connect the cerebellum and cerebrum with the rest of the brain
    • nerves to the eyes and face
  9. 3 medulla centers
    • cardiac center
    • respiratory center
    • vasomotor center
  10. cardiac center
    slows HR when the heart us beating too rapidly
  11. respiratory center
    controls muscles of respiration in response to chemicals or other stimuli
  12. vasomotor center
    constricts and dilates the muscles in the walls of blood vessels (changing BP)
  13. number of spinal nerves which originate from the spinal cord
    31 pairs
  14. how are spinal nerves named
    according to locations of their respective vertebrae
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