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  1. What are osteoblasts stimulated by?
    • GH
    • Insulin
    • Estrogen
    • Androgen
    • Vitamin D
    • Calcitonin
  2. What are osteoblasts inhibited by?
    • PTH
    • Cortisol
  3. What is the rate limiting step in glycolysis?
  4. Where in the cell does glycolysis happen?
  5. What is a halocrine cell?
    Secretes complete cells laden with secretory material
  6. What are apocrine cells?
    Secretes part of the cell cytoplasm
  7. What are merocrine cells?
    Secretes a product of the cell w/o loss of cellular components
  8. Where do exocrine cells secrete to?
    Into a duct
  9. Where do endocrine cells secrete to?
    Directly into bloodstream
  10. What ribosomes do eukaryotes have?
    60s & 40s
  11. What does the smooth ER do?
    Detox of lipid soluble drugs
  12. What does rough ER do?
    Production of proteins
  13. What does the golgi apparatus do?
    Acts like fedex,modify and package proteins
  14. What is the systemic disorder of lysosomes?
    Tay Sach's disease which leaves a cherry red macula
  15. What ocular disease stems from a disorder of the mitochondria?
    Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy
  16. What is facilitated diffusion?
    • Carrier proteins that bind to substrates
    • Slower but can carry larger molecules
  17. How do amino acids and glucose cross the cell membrane?
    Facilitated diffusion
  18. What is sattler's membrane?
    Layer of vessels in the choroid located externally to choriocapillaris
  19. What do astrocytes do?
    Provide framework of neuro cells
  20. What do oligodendrocytes do?
    Produce myelin in CNS where there are no schwann cells
  21. What do microglia do?
    Phagocytic cells of neuro cells (housekeepers)
  22. What type of ell junctions are found in blood aqueous and blood retinal barriers?
    Zonula occludens
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