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    The King fulfilled his side of the bargain and everyone was happy.
  2. 2
    And he was reunited with his family.
  3. 3
    And so the prophecy had been fulfilled.
  4. 4
    So she revealed her true identity and they were married.
  5. 5
    And there they sit to this very day.
  6. 6
    And to this day no one knows where she ran to.
  7. 7
    So they returned it to its original owner.
  8. 8
    So the queen gave them the prize as she had promised.
  9. 9
    And they were blind for the rest of their days for their wickedness and falsehood.
  10. 10
    So he realized how loyal his brother had been.
  11. 11
    They looked after it until she was old enough.
  12. 12
    And the flames rose higher and the evil place was destroyed.
  13. 13
    He saw the error of his ways and repented.
  14. 14
    So they escaped their captors and fled home
  15. 15
    Which is how the Kingdom got its name.
  16. 16
    Her sorrow came to an end and her joy began.
  17. 17
    As dawn broke they could see it was perfect.
  18. 18
    His dedication had broken the spell.
  19. 19
    And when they died they passed it on to their children.
  20. 20
    Which proves that a pure heart will always triumph in the end.
  21. 21
    So the King agreed to spare his life.
  22. 22
    So it was transformed back into human form.
  23. 23
    They thanked the hero who had saved them all.
  24. 24
    The curse was lifted as had been foretold.
  25. 25
    True love had broken the enchantment.
  26. 26
    And she was reunited with her family.
  27. 27
    So the riddle was finally answered.
  28. 28
    And never as long as she lived could it be removed.
  29. 29
    And the parents were reunited with their long-lost daughter.
  30. 30
    It fit perfectly.
  31. 31
    And the King was delighted with such an unusual gift.
  32. 32
    "You have freed me from my enchantment and tomorrow we will be married."
  33. 33
    With the rival dead they could get married at last.
  34. 34
    But it had vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared.
  35. 35
    And for all I know they could be dancing still.
  36. 36
    But no matter how hard they searched they were never able to find it again.
  37. 37
    Which proves that one should always be more careful of one's companions.
  38. 38
    So they promised never to fight again.
  39. 39
    So the spell was broken and they were free.
  40. 40
    But she still visited them from time to time.
  41. 41
    So the evil-doers were thrown down a well.
  42. 42
    So everything was restored to its former glory.
  43. 43
    She always wore it to help remind her.
  44. 44
    So he told her he was the prince and they lived happily ever after.
  45. 45
    So the village was restored to prosperity.
  46. 46
    So the King relented and the two were married.
  47. 47
    They ate it at the feast and it was delicious.
  48. 48
    She never let it out of her sight again.
  49. 49
    So the rightful ruler was placed once more on the throne.
  50. 50
    He picked up his weapon and went on his way.
  51. 51
    So they changed places and everything was back to normal.
  52. 52
    And he listened to his mother's advice from then on.
  53. 53
    So he forgave her and they were married.
  54. 54
    And the kingdom rejoiced at the end of the tyrant's reign.
  55. 55
    And in the course of time they became King and Queen.
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