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  1. Name the stages of sleep
    • Non - REM = N1,N2,N3
    • REM
  2. what are the EEG/PSG findings of N1 sleep?
    • Theta waves
    • Slow rolling eye movement
    • Vertex sharp waves
  3. what are the EEG findings of N2 sleep?
    • K complexes
    • sleep spindles
  4. what are the EEG findings of N3 sleep?
    Delta waves
  5. what are the EEG findings of REM sleep?
    • Sawtooth wares or EEG activation
    • Rapid eye movement
    • Muscle atonia
  6. In which stage of sleep is most time spent? What % of total sleep time?
    • stage N2
    • 45 - 55%
  7. Define the AHI
    Apnea hypopnea index = # apneas + # hypopneas per hour
  8. Define an apnea
    Cessation of airflow at least 10s
  9. Provide the 2 definitions of hypopnea
    • Airflow reduction >30% x 10s with >4% desat,¬†OR
    • Airflow reduction >50% x 10s with >3% desat or EEG arousal
  10. Define a respiratory effort related arousal (RERA)
    • At least 10s
    • Sequence of breaths with increasing resp effort OR
    • flattening of nasal pressure waveform
    • Leads to arousal
    • Does not meet criteria for an apnea or hypopnea

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