Chapter 1

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  1. Drives History
    Cash, man's desire for money, gold Reformation, spread religion, faith, desire for power, decisions
  2. Factors contributed to Age of Discovery/ exploration of New World
    Caravel, compass, luxuries, religion, Reformation, Renaissance, technology, boats can travel against winds
  3. Treaty of Tordesillas
    • divides lands in the New World between Span and Portugal
    • Portugal got Africa, India and Southeast Asia
    • Spain got North America and South America
  4. Protestant Reformation
    wanted to colonize in the New World; Martin Luther broke away from Catholic, list on Catholic church, started Lutheran (95 theses)
  5. King Henry VIII
    started the Anglican Church during the Protestant Reformation, spread to the New World
  6. Anglican Church
    church of England, Episcopal
  7. Queen Elizabeth I
    had the Protestant, set England into motion to explore the New World
  8. European rivals in the New World
    Spain, Britain, France
  9. Impact of explorers for future generations
    shape the world, religion and culture they bring, transportation, nations they claimed, wars they cause
  10. European opinions of Native Americans
    the British isolated and shunned the Native Americans; Spaniards had positive and negative views
  11. Acculturation
    different cultures come together, take pieces of each culture, mixed together
  12. xenophobia
    fear of foreigners (Europeans coming into contact with Native Americans)
  13. stereoptypes
    a belief or generalization about a group of people
  14. Christopher Columbus
    goes to Caribbean, finds Indians, Bahamas
  15. Vasco Balboa
    goes to Panama, found and names Pacific Ocean
  16. Ponce de Leon
    claims Florida for Spanish, St. Augustine (block french)
  17. Ferdinand Magelleon
    first to circumnavigate
  18. Coronado
    explored Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona (Mexican War)
  19. Pizarro
    Incas in South America
  20. Cortes
    Mexican War, Mexico
  21. de Soto
    New Mexico, Florida, Gulf Coast
  22. Jacques Cartier
    France, Northwest Passage, Canada, Niagara Falls
  23. Robert LaSalle
    Mississippi, New Orleans
  24. Henry Cabot
    England; east coast of North America
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