Chapter 2

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  1. European outposts in North America
    Spanish Santa Fe, French Quebec, English Jamestown, VA
  2. England vs. Spain vs France - inevitable?
    was inevitable because of the outpost buildings that caused problems and since they were all trying to claim territory, so it would have happened anyway
  3. Sir Walter Raleigh
    credited for introducing tobacco and the potato into England, developed Roanoke
  4. Roanoke
    first attempt at English settlement in VA, developed by Sir Walter Raleigh, mysteriously vanished, swallowed up by wilderness
  5. Spanish Armada vs. Great Britain
    English win, which leads to England and Spain becoming enemies
  6. Queen Elizabeth I
    helped to weaken the Spanish Empire by hiring sea dogs (pirates) to destroy Spanish ships (Protestant)
  7. joint-stock company and Virginia Company
    financially supported the settlement of Jamestown
  8. Jamestown
    first permanent English settlement in North America
  9. Goals set for Jamestown
    • promise of gold
    • find a passage through America to the Indies (Northwest Passage)
    • glory
    • fame
    • pride
    • nationalism
  10. struggling Jamestown
    settled on a swamp, mosquitoes, disease, none worked (only looked for gold), didn't befriend Indians, starvation
  11. Starving Period
    • time of starvation of Jamestown, cannibalism, barely able to dig graves, animals were digging the bodies up and eating human flesh, village burned, harsh winter
    • started when Captain John Smith left the colony
    • Native Americans attacked Englishmen
    • 500 became 60 english people
    • famine
  12. Pocahontas
    daughter of Powhatan, Indian Chief, captured on a ship, marries John Rolfe, taken to England, child named Thomas, died of small pox
  13. John Rolfe
    marries Pocahontas and takes her to England, trying to convince people to buy his version of tobacco
  14. House of Burgesses
    first representative house, gathered in a church, 1619 Jamestown, self government
  15. Introduction of slavery
    Jamestown start of slave trade (Africans)
  16. primogeniture
    when the oldest son gets the land and the younger sons get nothing
  17. Native American 3 D's
    • Disease - small pox
    • Dispose-ability - we don't need them anymore after settling
    • Disorganization - didn't have a set goverment
  18. Jamestown establish for posterity
    introduced slavery, African Americans, Native Americans, products: tobacco, cotton, plantations, House of Burgesses
  19. John Smith
    came up with "you don't work, you don't eat," captured by Powhatans but returned, got a gun powder burn and forced to go back to England
  20. Powhatans
    captured John Smith, Confederacy of Indians - created war
  21. Native American struggles
    diseases, war, starvation and famines
  22. Lord DeLa Warr
    arrived at Jamestown just as they were abandoning it (starving time), convinced them to stay, turned on the Indians
  23. Maryland
    intended to be a plantation colony, founded by Lord Baltimore, refuge for Catholics
  24. Toleration Act of 1649
    did not accept Atheists, Jewish, and people who didn't believe in the Trinity and punished those who disobeyed Christ, so just believe in Christ and you won't be bothered
  25. Lord Baltimore
    founded Maryland
  26. England became involved in exploration
    primogeniture, religion, find gold, overpopulation, Northwest Passage, competition with Spain, for jobs
  27. How did European intrusion amend the Native American culture
    brought disease, more wars, more deaths, forced Indians to migrate, acculturation
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