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  1. genitofemoral nerve (L1-2)
  2. Fugl-Meyer assessment is appropriate for what kind of stroke
    cortical, not cerebellar
  3. head-hip rel
    they go in opp dir when you rotate the head
  4. threshold for protective sensation -- how to test, what number
    Semmes-Weinstein 5.07 -- use 10 grams -- if they can't feel that they're at risk
  5. bed tilt for draining L lingula or R middle lobe?
    head of bed down 20 degrees
  6. hypothyroidism does what do reflexes
    • diminishes them (1+ is normal for them)
    • hyperthyroidism will have increased DTRs
  7. after a THA, when to start against gravity hip abd?
    5-6 weeks (unless MD protocol states otherwise)
  8. biceps, deltoid, brachioradialis innervation
    • biceps: musculocutaneous 
    • deltoid: axillary
    • brachioradialis: radial
    • all are C5-6, sometimes 7
  9. close-packed hip pos
    IR, ext, abd
  10. arteriospasm does what to skin
    • makes it shiny
    • shiny skin and absense of hair growth are characteristic of arterial disease
  11. non-pitting fibrotic edema happens with which stage of lymphedema?
  12. thrombocytes are what
  13. T4 lymphocyte count is used to assess what
    immune system in HIV or AIDS
  14. jaw-jerk test tests what CN
  15. fulcrum test
    • sitting, towel under mid thigh, PT presses on distal thigh -- looking for a stress fracture in femur 
    • looking for pain or apprehension
  16. undermining vs tunneling
    • undermining: tissue destruction under intact skin and wound perimeter
    • tunneling: going from wound into fascia or muscle
  17. ading deep tendon reflex with repetitive tapping indicates
    developing nerve root signs
  18. Hoffmann's sign
    • snap or flick the middle fingernail
    • pos for spinal cord compression if tip of another finger suddenly flexes
    • indicates cervical myelopathy /UMN disease`
  19. habituation
    a decrease in responsiveness that occurs as a result of repeated exposure to a nonpainful stimulus
  20. sensitization
    an increased responsiveness following a threatening or noxious stimulus
  21. sarcoidosis
    • a restrictive lung disease
    • inflam of body's organs
  22. medial knee dermatome
  23. dorsum of great toe and the 1-2 webspace dermatome
  24. popliteal fossa dermatome
  25. plantar foot dermatome
  26. Homan's sign
    • pain in the calf on forceful and abrupt dorsiflexion when knee is ext
    • looking for DVT
  27. posterior glide of GH improves what?
  28. dorsal pedis pulse
    • at base of first metatarsal on dorsum of foot
    • it's the preferred way to assess LE circ
  29. some things on RA presentation
    • bilateral
    • rarely in hips
    • has signs of jt inflam
  30. hip OA is char by...
    hip pain that increases with 15° of hip medial (internal) rotation, morning stiffness that lasts approximately 1 hour, and an age of over 50 years. Hip internal rotation and hip flexion are commonly limited as the osteoarthritis progresses. Literature indicates that this presentation has an 86% sensitivity and 75% specificity for hip osteoarthritis.
  31. ptosis of eyelid occurs with which CN impairment?
    III - oculomotor
  32. fruity smelling breath is a sign of
  33. thirst, nausea, vomiting, are signs of what in DM
  34. dry, crusty mucous membranes are signs of what in DM
  35. masseter and temporalis are innervated by
    • CN V - trigeminal
    • CN VII -facial
  36. latissimus dorsi innervation
    thoracodorsal C6-8
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