Embryology Exam 1

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  1. PICO stands for:
    • Population
    • Intervention
    • Comparators
    • Outcome
  2. Fertilization occurs where?
    Ampula of the uterin tube
  3. Single cell zygote completes its first mitotic division about
    30 hours after fertilization
  4. Cleavage is
    Rapid mitotic division, about 30 hours after fertilization
  5. Two cell stage, organism is called a
  6. 16-30 cell'd organism is called
  7. Order of "names" for fertilized egg, in order
    Zygote, blastomere, morula : *embryoblast, *trophoblast, blastocyst
  8. Compaction of cells in a morula creates
  9. Configuration of embryoblast cells:
    Inner cell mass/centrally located large size cells
  10. Configuration of trophoblast cells
    Outer cell large cells
  11. When does zona pellucida start to dicipate?
    Around day 4, when cell reaches uterus
  12. Configuration of blastocyst:
    Zona pellucida is getting weaker, Embryoblasts are on one side, other side is filled with fluid, trophoblasts are around the periphery
  13. Make all of the structures that aren't the embryo
  14. Why to trophoblast cells prolipherate quickly?
    So they can pull into the uterine wall
  15. End at which the blastocyst attaches to the uterine wall
    Embryonic end (the end with the embryo)
  16. Two types of trophoblasts
    • Cytotrophoblast
    • Syntrophoblast (syncytiotrophoblast)
  17. Multinucleate protoplasmic mass formed by fusion of cells
  18. Cellular layer of trophoblast structure - Holds fluid in, holds shape
  19. Morula name changes to blastocyst when
    the cavity is formed
  20. What type of trophoblast tries to penetrate the uterine wall?
    Syntrophoblast (acellular)
  21. What type of trophoblast cells surround the embryo and blastocystic cavity?
    Cytotrophoblasts (cellular)
  22. Thick outer glycoprotein shell around the morula
    Zona pellucida
  23. Most common extrauterine implantation
    Tubal implantation
  24. Places other than tubal implantation that extrauterine implantation can occur
    • Abdominal cavity
    • Ovary
  25. Symptoms of extrauterine implantation
    • Pain on side of implantation around the 8-10 week of pregnancy
    • Pain in the shoulder area
    • Could have slight bleeding
    • Dizziness 
    • Pelvic pain
  26. Causes of extrauterine implantation
    • Uncontrolled infections
    • Scarring over the uterine tube
    • Smoking
    • Advance age (over 35 years)
  27. Prevention for extrauterine implantation
    • Infection control (STI's, etc)
    • Chiropractic care
  28. Complications of extrauterine implantation
    Risk of tubal rupture - leads to internal bleeding
  29. Treatment of extrauterine implantation
    Termination of pregnancy (methotrexate - folic acid antagonist, inhibits DNA and RNA synthesis)
  30. Retro Uterine Pouch location
    Located between the outtside of the uterus and the outside of the rectal/intestinal area
  31. Growth of fetus in the retro uterine pouch causes
    Compression of the rectum and shut down of function
  32. Mesentary implantation
    Abdominal space - may implant on the intestines, may be absorbed by the body, in later stages, may become calcified
  33. Intrauterine implantation in the wrong place - two places
    • Internal os
    • Cervical
  34. Placenta that develops from internal os implantation
    Placenta previa
  35. Symptoms of intrauteine ectopic implantation
    • Bleeding around the 6th month
    • More painless bleeding as pregnancy progresses
    • Frequently no pain associated whatsoever
    • Cesarean sections for total previa
  36. Causes of intrauterine implantation
    • Imbalance of neural hormonal components
    • Pelvic infections - scarring can cause incorrect implantation
    • Subluxation (increase the neural integrity of the nervous system)
    • Prior tubal surgeries/previous ectopic
    • Endometriosis
    • Uterine fibroids
    • Use of IUD's (scarring)
    • Smoking
  37. Complications of intrauterine implantation
    Bleeding, placenta previa
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