Day 46

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  1. alight
    v. land, come down, settle              내리다, (...에 날아가 앉다)

    A mosquito alighted on the table
  2. alternate
    v. rotate, interchange          번갈아 일어나다
  3. contain
    v. involve, comprise, hold       포함(수용)하다, 들어있다
  4. deter
    v. preclude, prevent, inhibit       막다, 방해하다

    Slavery deterred the development of the forces of production.
  5. examine
    v. inspect, probe, scrutinize            정밀 조사하다
  6. fast
    adj. quick, swift, rapid               빠른
  7. gist
    n. core, kernel, essence                핵심, 요지

    Sarah understood the gist of the statement.
  8. gleaming
    adj. shining, luminous, brilliant       반짝이는, 빛나는

    Jogn strode across the stage and took his seat at the gleaming black grand piano.
  9. guarantee
    v. insure, warrant                  보증하다
  10. hobby
    n. pastime, diversion, avocation            취미
  11. inadequate
    adj. insufficient, deficient                 불충분한, 부적당한

    Because of inadequate preparation, the program ended in failure.
  12. inborn
    adj. innate, native, natural            선천적인
  13. inaccessible
    adj. unrealchable, unobtainable      접근하기 어려운, 얻기 어려운
  14. inclination
    n. preference, tendency, trend       의향, 성향, 경향

    The Mongols had little inclination to ally with other nomadic peoples of northern Asia.
  15. in proximity to
    phr. close to, adjacent to, near, in the vicinity of                        ~에 가까운, ~에 근접하여

    Those who work with or are in proximity to birds should be careful of avian flu.
  16. insight
    n. understanding, perception      통찰력, 직관
  17. intent
    n. purpose, intention, design       의도
  18. intertwine
    v. interweave, intermingle, twine    뒤엉키다, 엮이다, 뒤얽히다

    Joy and sorrow often intertwine within a person.
  19. join (2)
    v. 1. connect, link, unite, combine   연결하다, 결합하다

    v. 2. meet                         합류하다
  20. meddlesome
    adj. meddling, interfering, intrusive   간섭하는, 간섭하길 좋아하는

    Cinderella's daily life was intolerable because of her meddlesome stepsisters.
  21. multiply
    v. increase, expand, augment            증가하다
  22. myriad
    adj. innumerable, numerous, countless, many                               무수한

    A myriad of products are available for purchase at the store.
  23. naive
    adj. ingenuous, simple, unaffected    꾸밈없는, 순진한
  24. outrage
    v. anger, aggravate, offend, infuriate    특히
  25. particularly
    adv. especially, uniquely, specially     특히
  26. principal
    • adj. central, major, main, primal, prime, chief
    •                       주요한, 주된
  27. propel
    v. push, force out, drive, impel          추진하다, 밀어내다

    The force of the rapids managed to propel Francisca out of her kayak and right into the water.
  28. rigorous (2)
    adj. 1. severe, demanding, harsh    혹독한, 엄격한

    adj. 2. precise                         정밀한
  29. savor
    n. flavor, taste                              맛

    Water from the valley of Mountain Taeduk in Yongin City is famous for its unique savor.
  30. scramble
    v. mix up, jumble, muddle, tangle     뒤섞다
  31. seldom
    adv. infrequently, rarely, hardly, scarcely  거의~않다
  32. simulated
    adj. artificial, imitated            모조의, 가짜의
  33. slight
    adj. small, minor, trivial                사소한
  34. sporadic
    adj. infrequent, occasional, irregular, intermittent              산발적인, 이따금 발생하는

    During WWII, many cities were subject to sporatic bombing, raids.  
  35. standstill
    n. complete stop, halt                    정지
  36. systematic
    adj. methodical, organized         조직적인
  37. through
    prep. by, by means of                 ~에 의하여
  38. versatile
    adj. flecxible, adaptable, all-around, many-sided                              다방면의
  39. voluble
    adj. talkative, loquacious, fluent     입심 좋은, 유창한, 열변을 토하는

    The roommate that Jack had last semester was too voluble.
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