Chapter 3

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  1. Carolinas
    King Charles II thanked 8 supporters for restoring the throne by granting them these, named after him
  2. King Charles I
    overthrown by Parliament and nobles
  3. King Charles II
    gave the Carolinas to his supporters
  4. Georgia
    buffer zone for Spanish and English and all cultures, haven for souls imprisoned in debt, keep slavery out at first, barrier state, prison
  5. James Oglethorpe
    founder of Georgia; interested in prison reform, military leader, repelled Spanish attacks
  6. Separatists
    Pilgrims, did not participate in the Church of England (Anglican)
  7. Puritans
    took over Plymouth settlement, settled in Boston; didn't like Quakers
  8. Pilgrims
    Separatists, fled England and went to Holland but soon asked for a charter to America, became squatters (outside legal land, Plymouth)
  9. Plymouth
    William Bradford was governor, where Pilgrims first settled then Puritans
  10. William Bradford
    governor of the Plymouth settlement
  11. Boston
    where the Puritans settled in the New World
  12. Massachusetts
    Puritans established in Boston (Massachusetts Bay Company)
  13. Theocracy
    government and religion coexist
  14. John Winthrop
    leader of Puritans; gave sermon "City on a Hill", governor of MA Bay Colony
  15. "Protestant Ethic"
    work ethic, upstanding citizen and keep to your faith, serious commitment to work and to engage in worldly pursuits
  16. Thomas Hooker
    advocate of separation of churches, Founder of Connecticut, preacher went against Puritan faith, believed theocracy was wrong (town of Hartford)
  17. Roger Williams
    founded Rhode Island; forced to leave Massachusetts, buy land off Natives, freedom of religion; founded the first theocracy and Baptist church in America, tweaked Puritans
  18. Anne Hutchinson
    questioned what the preachers had to say; church attendance not as important as faith, put on trial, guilty, banished (went to Rhode Island)
  19. Rhode Island
    founded by Roger Williams in 1636, freedom of religion
  20. Connecticut
    founded by Thomas Hooker
  21. Quakers
    Religious Society of Friends; open to any religion except for Jewish, open to immigrants and liked by Native Americans, believed they didn't have to pay taxes, against slavery, started in PA
  22. William Penn
    son of a wealthy father in England, kicked out of Oxford University, sent to Italy/France to study, changed to Quaker, founder of PA
  23. Pennsylvania
    founded by William Penn
  24. New Netherlands
    established by the Dutch West India Company for its quick-profit fur trade
  25. Duke of York
    King Charles's brother, eventually becomes King James
  26. Bible Commonwealth
    lead by John Cotton, idea of separation of church and state "Protestant ethnic"
  27. Delaware
    Quaker colony, bought to make a strong seaport (Delaware Bay)
  28. Metacom (King Philip)
    • alliance against the Puritans in 1675 and mounted a series of assaults on English villages throughout New England
    • was beheaded, wife and son sold into slavery
    • results: lasting defeat on Indians; slowed the westward march of English settlement in New England for several decades
  29. New England Confederation (1643)
    formed to protect themselves from Native Americans (2 MA colonies and 2 CT colonies)
  30. Dominion of New England (1686)
    created by royal authority; aimed at bolstering colonial defense in the event of war with Indians
  31. Sir Edmond Andros
    sent to America from England to represent the King, forced to flee when William and Mary overtook James in England, captured and sent back to England
  32. predestination
    that God has already predestined you are either going to heaven or hell - Puritans believed in it
  33. proprietary
    owner or investor of a colony
  34. Blue Laws
    Puritans (and Quakers) laws that were passed that reflected your faith
  35. Heresy
    • going against your religion
    • Ex: Thomas Hooker, Anne Hutchinson
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