Endocrine Nervous Diseases and Conditions 3

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  1. poliomyelitis
    inflammation of the gray matter caused by a virus, commonly resulting in spinal and muscle deformity and paralysis
  2. sciatica
    severe pain in the leg along the course of the sciatic nerve, which travels from the hip to the foot
  3. seizure, convulsion
    abnormal, uncontrolled discharge of electrical activity in the brain, which is commonly a symptom of underlying brain pathology
  4. tonic-clonic seizure (grand mal)
    seizure characterized by unconsciousness with excessive motor activity and the body alternating between excessive muscle tone with rigidity (tonic) and involuntary muscular contractions (clonic) in the extremities
  5. absence (petit mal)
    seizure characterized by a brief, sudden, loss of consciousness lasting only a few seconds
  6. shingles
    eruption of acute, inflammatory, herpetic vesicles on the trunk of the body alone a peripheral nerve
  7. spina bifida
    congenital neural tube deficit characterized by incomplete closure of the spinal canal through which the spinal cord and meninges may or may not protrude
  8. spina bifida occulta
    most common and lease severe form of spina bifida without protrusion of the spinal cord or meninges
  9. spina bifida cystica
    more severe form of spina bifida that involves protrusion of the meninges (meningocele), spinal cord (myelocele), or both (meningomyelocele)
  10. transient ischemic attack (TIA), ministroke
    short episodes of neurological dysfunction due to temporary interference with blood supply to the brain, lasting a few minutes to a few hours
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