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  1. Greenpeace
    An environmental activist group started in Vancouver
  2. War Measures Act
    Act created in 1914 to give the Canadian Government power to suspend to civil rights and arrest people without cause
  3. economic
    African and Asian nations have suffered from what type of exploitation by more developed nations
  4. conscription
    term for when government requires forced military service in times of war
  5. pacifism
    Term meaning opposition to war and the refusal to be involved in it
  6. Sovereignty
    A nation's right to make rules and laws for themselves without outside influence
  7. Collective Rights
    Rights guaranteed to specific groups in Canadian society for historical or constitutional reasons
  8. illiberalism
    A term meaning ideologies opposed to the values, beliefs, and principles of illiberalism, usually referring to undemocratic actions.
  9. Pandemic
    Outbreak of disease on a global scale is known as what?
  10. Kyoto Protocol
    The UN sponsored international environmental agreement designed to decrease greenhouse gas emissions while helping Less Developed Nations improve their economic development
  11. October Crisis
    Name of the 1970 crisis which forced Pierre Trudeau to enact a law to limit civil rights, outlaw the FLQ, and put troops into Quebec
  12. Supreme Court
    The final authority in the interpretation of laws in Canada and the US
  13. Internment
    In 1942 Japanese Canadians had their property seized and were resettled away from the West Coast known as the Japanese ___
  14. Feudalism
    Another name for classical conservation
  15. Affirmative Action
    Term for the government giving preferential treatment to a disadvantaged minority in education or hiring
  16. Modernism
    Scientifically proven truth, knowledge leading to progress, freedom based on reasonable laws, rational thinking as the basis for truth
  17. Emergency Measures Act
    What act replaced the War Measures Act in 1988?
  18. Reasonable
    What new Canadian law was passed in 2001 which allowed greater police powers and increased punishment for terrorist Acts?
  19. Constitution
    The legal document in any democracy that outlines the basic rules for government to follow
  20. Canadian charter of Rights and Freedoms
    A document entrenched into the constitution in 1982 that lists and describes the fundamental rights guaranteed to all canadians
  21. Terrorism
    The policy of various ideological groups to disrupt the affairs of an enemy state by the use of violent acts against non-combatants
  22. US Patriot Act
    Name for the 147 laws that gave the US government substantially increased powers to monitor and arrest terror suspects
  23. Consumerism
    Term meaning a preoccupation with consumer goods and their acquisition in order to denote status
  24. Land claims
    Section 25 of the Charter and Section 35 in the Constitution Act acknowledge what ongoing demand made by Aboriginal people to the Canadian government
  25. fresh water
    Canada has 24% of the world's supply of this important resource
  26. Extremism
    Term which describes any beliefs outside the mainstream that often involve the use of violence and force to achieve their sins
  27. Vote
    Japanese canadians were denied what right until 1948
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