Chapter 2

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  1. It is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
    Positive definition of Health
  2. It refers to the total absence of diseases or illness in one's body
    Negative definition of Health
  3. Aspects of Health
    • Physical Health
    • Mental Health
    • Emotional Health
    • Social Health
    • Spiritual Health
    • Sexual Health
  4. It refers to the physical body of a man. It means from head to foot.
    Physical Health
  5. It refers to the mental capacity of man in having a positive outlook in one's health
    Mental Health
  6. It refers to the capability of an individual to express his own feelings.
    Emotional Health
  7. this connotes the ability to show concern and support to other people at all times
    Social Health
  8. It refers to the capacity of an individual to accept his or her own sexuality, including his or her preference
    Sexual Health
  9. Main objective of health
    To promote the health welfare as well as the health services of everybody
  10. Dimensions/ Components of Heath (outer to inner)
    • Society
    • Environment
    • Biological aspects
  11. It is a God-given gift to his creatures
  12. Determinants of Health
    • Gender
    • Environment
    • Income
    • Occupation
    • Private sectors
    • Government expenditure
  13. Refers to the sexual orientation of an individual
  14. It refers to the aggregate of all external and internal conditions affecting the existence, growth, and welfare of organisms
  15. Fundamental Components of Health
    • Physical Component
    • Chemical Component
    • Biological Component
  16. it refers to the energy of one form or another
    Physical Component
  17. It refers to anything that occupies space/ Matter
    Chemical Component
  18. This refers to living things including man
    Biological Component
  19. Categories of biological hazards
    • Infection
    • Non-infective
  20. It connotes employment
  21. It provides not only income but also a sense of purpose, a daily schedule, physical activity, social contacts, and an identity within the society
  22. It is a potential cause of harm to the body
  23. Elements of Hazards
    • Physical Element
    • Chemical Element
    • Biological Element
    • Psychological Element
  24. it refers to ionizing and non ionizing radiations, temperatures, noise and ergonomic processes
    Physical Element
  25. Refers to organic and non-organic elements
    Chemical Components
  26. It refers to allergens of biological origin, infections and viruses
    Biological Component
  27. Refers to different stressors that may affect your health like the environment, people and type of job
    Psychological element
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