Ant 312 midterm

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  1. 1)    
    Anthropology/Linguistics Anthropology
    • Anthropology- study of all people, at all times, and in all places. Its
    • Holistic, comparative, fieldwork based, frame of refrence

    • Linguistic- study of language & language use in
    • social and cultural context.
  2. Conversation Analysis/Discourse Analysis
    • Conversational Analysis- study of language in action (actual
    • conversational exchanges)

    • Discourse analysis- How  authority
    • and power are distributed and negotiated in verbal exchanges
  3. 1)    
    Community of Practice, Speech
    Community, Discourse System
    • Community
    • of practice- A group of individuals who Interact regularly, and
    • develop unique ways of doing things together. (these groups develop
    • around specific activities or memberships; Ex- choir practice, clubs)

    • -Speech
    • Community- People who share One or more varieties of
    • language & the rules for using any or all of those varieties in everyday
    • communication.

    • - Discourse
    • System- All rules for HOW  to do language
  4. Communicative Competence
    • The ability to speak a language well; the ablility to use a language
    • correctly in a variety of social situations.
  5. Tannen: high involvement, high considerate
    • -High involvement- Less pausing, More overlap (Simultaneous speech, 2
    • voices going at the same time), more feedback

    • -High Considerate- More pausing, less overlap, less
    • feedback
  6. Bilingualism: Transitional and Stable
    • Transitional Bilingualism- Individuals Gradually
    • abandon their bilingualism in favor of speaking a more Dominant language. (complete with 3
    • generations)

    • Stable Bilingualism-  Maintains
    • bilingualism on a long term basis.
  7. Meta-Message & Metaphorical Code Switching
    • -       
    • Meta-Message- Additional information
    • is sent

    • Metaphorical Code switching- when a switch sends a
    • message
  8. 1)    
    Rule Governed” vs. alingual
    Rule Governed- Plays by rules

    •             Alingual-
    • Without Language
  9. 1)    
    Dialect, Interference & Register
    • Dialect- A specific variety or subdivition of a language. A way of
    • speaking that is characteristix of a particular Group
    • of people; the dialects of a single language are mutually
    • intelligible.


    • Register- A variety of a language that is considered appropriate in
    • specific situations.
  10. Pidgin & Creole
    Pidgin- A language that develops through Contact or out of 2 unrelated languages.

                Short lived

                Trade languages

    •             Syntax light, Vocabulary
    • heavy

    Creole- Complete language that has emerged out of a pidgin

    •             Lang. A + Lang. B +
    • Lang. C = Creole

                Retains syntax of dominant language


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