Govt 2305 Chap 12

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  1. Describe the Founder's concept of the Presidency.  Were they specific or vague?
    more like Washington with a single executive who would be strong, etc.

    they were vague
  2. Who were the important Presidents early on and why?
    • George Washington solidified prestige of presidency, affirmed place in foreign affairs and set precedent for fashioning a domestic legislative program
    • Thomas Jefferson concluded Louisiana Purchase with France which doubled our size
    • Andrew Jackson transformed presidency into a popular institution with his vigorous opposition to the Bank of the United States
    • James Polk provoked a war with Mexico acquiring the SW US
    • Abraham Lincoln did all sorts of stuff including Emancipation Proclamation
  3. What roles does your President play?
    • chief of state
    • domestic policy leader:  legislative leader and manager of the economy
    • chief executive
    • foreign policy and military leader:  commander in chief
    • head of his political party
  4. Understand the differing approaches of former presidents towards their staff.
    • differs greatly from president to president
    • Bush would set overall goals but give staffers a great deal of freedom to get job done
    • Clinton and Obama were more closely involved in the day-to-day work of their staffs
  5. Know the components of the Executive Office of the President.
    • Office of Management and Budget (OMB):  advises on the federal budget, domestic legislation and regulations
    • Council of Economic Advisers (CEA):  small group of economists who advise on economic policy
    • National Security Council (NSC):  officials from the State and Defense Depts, the CIA, and the military who advise on foreign and security affairs
    • Intelligence Advisory Board:  provides info and assessments to the president's director of national intelligence and to the president directly
  6. Know how the vice-presidency has evolved.
    before it was not a highly regarded office but recently with Gore, Cheney, and Biden presidents are involving them more
  7. Describe the amendments significant to the Presidency and Vice Presidency.
    • 12th Amendment, 1804:  fixed flaw in which person with the second most electoral votes became VP
    • 25th Amendment, 1967:  provides for succession in case president is inable
  8. What happens if there is a vacancy in the Vice-President Office?
    the president can nominate a new vice president, who takes office on confirmation by both houses of Congress
  9. In terms of the Cabinet, is it mentioned in the constitution?  Is it weak?  Why or why not?
    • It is not mentioned in the constitution
    • it is weak
    • government has grown too large and specialized (silly to have people sit in on things they are not expert in)
    • they have ambiguous position (advisers to president but also represent their own constituencies
  10. What helps the President get his way with Congress?
    • party and ideology (when the president's party controls both houses of Congress, he will get his way because they are of like mind)
    • they do better with Congress on foreign policy because Americans want to appear united when dealing with other countries
    • when he/she threatens presidential vetoes, he/she is likely to prevail
    • popularity with American people significantly affects how he/she does in Congress
  11. What are the "two presidencies"?
    • Political scientist Aaron Wildavsky
    • domestic and foreign with the latter presidency much more dominant
  12. Are Presidential vetoes common or uncommon?  Are they usually overridden?
    • they are uncommon
    • when used, they are seldom overridden
  13. Understand the significance of a President going public.
    all presidents, especially since Franklin Roosevelt have attempted to both shape and respond to public opinion; all, to one degree or another, have attempted to speak directly to the people about policy
  14. What can decrease the president's popularity?
    • bad news
    • economic recession
    • unsuccessful war
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