Govt 2305 Chap 13

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  1. Why do individuals stay away from working for the government?
    • Americans generally do not trust the govt and think the private sector can do a better job
    • civil servants have very little prestige unlike other countries
    • our public bureaucracy is surrounded by more legal restrictions and is subject to more intense legislative oversight than other countries
  2. What two bosses do federal agencies have?
    • the president
    • Congress
  3. Who appoints the heads of departments?
    the President appoints and the Senate approves
  4. What is the newest federal department?
    • Homeland Security
    • created in the wake of 9/11
  5. Know what Independent Regulatory Commissions are and how they operate.
    an entity in the executive branch that is outside the immediate control of the president and Congress that issues rules and regulations to protect the public
  6. Know what bureaucrats do.
    • a bureaucrat is just someone who works in a bureaucratic organization
    • execute programs and policies
    • regulating
    • adjudicating
    • discretion and democracy
  7. Describe the Pendleton Act of 1883.
    • aka Civil Service Act of 1883
    • created a bipartisan Civil Service Commission to oversee a system  of appointments to certain executive branch posts on the basis of merit
  8. Know what Clinton meant by making government "look more like America."
    he appointed many women and minorities to top posts in his administration
  9. What are birds of passage?
    • top political appointees
    • they do not last long on the job, usually only about 22 months
    • they leave for many reasons
  10. Which President established a plumber's unit?
    Richard Nixon
  11. Know how Congress can influence the behavior of an agency.
    • by legislating agency organization and mission
    • by confirming presidential appointments
    • by controlling the agency budget
    • by holding oversight hearings
    • by using inspectors general
  12. Understand oversight.
    Congress gathers info and has forums about the policies and performance of executive departments and agencies
  13. Understand privatization and be able to give an example of this.
    • turning over certain government functions to the private sector
    • Defense Dept does not produce its own weapons, etc
  14. Define red tape.
    overbearing bureaucratic rules and procedures
  15. Know what reinventing government entails and who supported this idea.
    • transforming the federal bureaucracy not only by cutting the fat and privatizing but also by introducing business principles into the executive branch
    • Clinton supported this idea and turned the responsibility over to Gore
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