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  1. What is a Network Address? (IPv4)
    • 32 bit number composed of 2 identifiers:
    • Network or Subnet identifier
    • Host identifier
  2. What is dotted decimal notation?
    Dotted decimal - x.x.x.x
  3. What is CIDR?
    • Classless Inter-Domain Routing
    • IP address/number of bits in network identifier
  4. What is a network identifier?
    The first x number of bits of an IP address that identify the network.
  5. What is a subnet mask?
    • 32 bit binary number that has 1 bit set for the each bit in the network identifier
    • 0 bits are set for the host identifier.
  6. What is the bitwise AND operator?
    when you compare the bits from the subnet mask and the network...
  7. What is the host identifier?
    The remaining bits after the network identifier.
  8. How do you determine the number of hosts for a subnet?
    Image Upload
  9. What is a broadcast address?
    • highest address in a subnet(network identifier)
    • Take the network address and change all the trailing 0's to 1's.
  10. What is a subnet identifier?
    • The last few bits of the network address
    • if there are 2 subnets, the last bit
    • if there are 4 subnets, the last 2 bits
    • if there are 8 subnets, the last 3 bits etc...
  11. What is the range of assignable IP addresses for a subnet?
    1 more than the network ID through 1 less than the broadcast address.
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