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  1. Impeccable taste
    is perfect or faultless
  2. A peerless diamond
    is without equal
  3. Ossified beliefs
    are fixed and rigid
  4. A disheveled appearance
    is messy and untidy
  5. An unfathomable problem
    cannot be worked out
  6. Palliative measures
    are designed to improve a situation without curing it
  7. Eloquent speech
    is well expressed and persuasive
  8. Exuberant behavior
    is full of life
  9. Obstreperous children
    are noisy and boisterous
  10. Peripheral vision
    is what is seen at the edges of the field of view
  11. A destitute person
    is poor and without any means of support
  12. An indelible memory
    cannot be erased from the mind
  13. A salvo of gunfire
    is a burst of firing
  14. Furlough from the army
    is official leave of absence
  15. A disingenuous person
    is crafty
  16. Ostensible meaning
    is what something claims to be, but might actually not be
  17. To debunk a myth
    is to expose, or throw out a wrong idea
  18. Fabrication of results
    is falsification of data
  19. Idiosyncratic behavior
    is quirky and unique to an individual
  20. A despotic tyrant
    is a very tyrannical tyrant!
  21. A tractable animal
    is docile and easily lead
  22. Incontrovertible proof
    cannot be denied
  23. Decorous behavior
    is good and correct
  24. A pertinent remark
    is very relevant
  25. Avant-garde films
    are innovative and ahead of popular taste
  26. Untoward circumstances
    are unforeseen
  27. To foment trouble
    is to stir it up
  28. Unequivocal agreement
    is unanimous and unhesitating
  29. Tacit approval
    is implied but not spoken out loud
  30. An egregious blunder
    is an outstandingly bad mistake
  31. Unprepossessing appearance
    is not very attractive
  32. To whet the appetite
    is to sharpen or intensify
  33. Turbid water
    is murky and not at all clear
  34. Parochial outlook
    is narrow and concerned with mainly local matters
  35. Potable water
    is safe to drink
  36. Flagging enthusiasm
    is getting less
  37. A tortuous route
    is long and indirect
  38. A tenuous connection
    is very slight
  39. Enervating weather
    makes you feel tired
  40. To renege on a deal
    is to back out of an agreement
  41. To suborn a witness
    is to bribe
  42. Duplicitous dealings
    are illegal or underhanded
  43. A flagrant breach of a rule
    is a clear and undeniable violation
  44. To undermine authority
    is to weaken or overthrow
  45. A voracious appetite
    is ready to gobble everything up
  46. A vitriolic attack
    is strong, aggressive criticism
  47. Verdant fields
    are green and fertile
  48. To disbar a lawyer
    is to throw out of the profession
  49. A debilitating disease
    causes great weakness
  50. Consummate skill
    is supremely good
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