Spanish Phrases

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  1. I will let you know
    te lo haré saber
  2. I will
    lo haré
  3. Future Tense (I will do this) (I'm going to do this)
    • Anita va a ver una película. (Anita is going to watch a movie.)
    • Te llamaré mañana por la tarde. (I will call you tomorrow afternoon.)
    • Ya habré cocinado la cena. (I will have already made dinner.)
  4. Conditional (simple conditional and conditional perfect) I would like ...  I would have done this
    • Me gustaría un té helado, por favor. (I would like an iced tea, please.)
    • Habría estudiado más si tuviera el tiempo. (I would have studied more if I had had the time.)
  5. compartir
    to share
  6. Disfrutar
    • to enjoy  
    • disfruto
    • disfrutas
  7. Delante
    in front
  8. bastante
  9. demasiado
    too much
  10. aca
    over here
  11. ahi
  12. alla
    over there
  13. just
    • justo
    • es justo que...  it's only just that...
  14. Tan
    Such, so, as

    • es tan feo como yo he's as ugly as me;
    • tan grande/deprisa (que…) so big/quickly (that…)  
    • no es una idea tan buena it's not such a good idea 
  15. apenas
    • as soon as,   hardly
    • apenas me puedo mover I can hardly move  
    • apenas llegue, te llamo I'll phone you as soon as I arrive
  16. menso(a)
    silly, stupid
  17. carpet
  18. sink
    • fregadero (kitchen)
    • lavabo (bathroom)
  19. LEAK
    • La fuga
    • gotera (water)
  20. Falta de
    Lack of
  21. orden del dia
  22. intento
  23. ausencia
  24. por lo menos
    at least
  25. mimado
    spoiled, pampered
  26. reñir
    to quarrel
  27. estar de rebajas
    to be on sale
  28. risa
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