Musculoskeletal Word Elements 3

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  1. myopathy
    disease of muscle tissue
  2. muscular
    pertaining to muscles
  3. myogenesis
    embryonic formation of muscle
  4. myoplasty
    surgical repair of a muscle
  5. myotomy
    incision of a muscle
  6. sclerosis
    abnormal hardening
  7. myosclerosis
    abnormal condition of muscle hardening
  8. tendoplasty
    surgical repair of a tendon
  9. tendotome
    instrument to cut a tendon
  10. tendotomy
    incision of a tendon
  11. quadriplegia
    paralysis of all four extremities
  12. flexion
    decreases the angle of a joint
  13. extension
    increases the angle of a joint
  14. adduction
    moves closer to the midline
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