Skeletal Word Elements 1

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  1. carp/o
    • carpus (wrist bone)
    • there are 8 bones
  2. cervic/o
    neck; cervix uteri (neck of uterus)
  3. cost/o
  4. crani/o
    cranium (skull)
  5. humer/o
    • humerus (upper arm bone)
    • articulates with the scapula and radius and ulna
  6. metacarp/o
    metacarpus (hand bones)
  7. phalang/o
    phalanges (bones of the fingers and toes)
  8. spondyl/o
    condition of a vertebra (backbone)
  9. vertebr/o
    • describes the structure of a vertebra (backbone)
    • the vertebral column/ spinal column, composed of 26 bones
  10. stern/o
    sternum (breastbone)
  11. calcane/o
    calcaneus (heel bone)
  12. femor/o
    • femur (thigh bone)
    • longest and strongest bone in the body
    • articulates with the hip bone and the bones of the lower leg
  13. fibul/o
    • fibula (smaller, outer bone of the lower leg)
    • not a weight bearing bone but is important because muscles are attached and anchored to it
  14. patell/o
    • patella (kneecap)
    • articulates with the femur but is essentially a floating bone
    • protects the knee joint but since it is exposed it makes it vulnerable to dislocation and fracture
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Skeletal Word Elements
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