Structure and Function of Bones 3

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  1. osteorrhaphy
    suture of a bone (wiring of bone fragments)
  2. osteosclerosis
    abnormal condition of bone hardening
  3. osteomalacia
    softening of bone due to inadequate amounts of P and Ca in the blood for mineralization or deficiency in Vit D or metabolic disorder causing malabsorption
  4. rickets
    osteomalacia seen in infants and children due to Vit D deficiency
  5. hypocalcemia
    deficiency of Ca in the blood
  6. hypercalcemia
    excessive Ca in the blood
  7. radiology, roentgenology
    branch of medicine concerned with radioactive substances and diagnoses conditions of the skeletal system
  8. radi/o, roentgen/o
    x-ray, radiation
  9. radiologist
    one who specializes in the study of x-rays
  10. radiotherapy, radiation therapy
    • treatment of diseases using an external source of high energy rays or internally implanted radioactive substances
    • damages cancer cells stopping their growth
  11. myelogram
    record of the spinal cord after injection of a contrast medium
  12. myelomalacia
    softening of the spinal cord
  13. osteomyelitis
    localized or generalized infection of the bone and bone marrow caused by bacteria
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