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  1. Abate
    • v.
    • To lessen in intensity or degree

    "We realized with great relief that the storm had abated before breaking through the sea wall."
  2. Aberrant
    • adj.
    • Deviating from the norm

    "Jim's aberrant behavior at the dance raised some eyebrows; he was certainly the only one who spent the night walking on his hands."
  3. Abjure
    • v.
    • To renounce or reject solemnly; to recant; to avoid

    "Steve had to abjure all indulgence when he entered the training camp."
  4. Abrogate
    • v.
    • To abolish or annul by authority

    "Darren abrogated his responsibility to the paper when he went on vacation without submitting his article before the deadline."
  5. Abscission
    • n.
    • Act of cutting off or removing

    "Dr. Carter recommended an immediate abscission of the abscess in order to minimize any further infection."
  6. Abscond
    • v.
    • To depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide

    "Doug was left penniless when the two con men absconded with his life savings."
  7. Abstain
    • v.
    • To refrain from an activity

    "Sheryl (Krupa) chose to abstain from eating chocolate, her favorite treat, for the season of Lent."
  8. Accolade
    • n.
    • An expression of praise; an award

    "The diva (TayTay) received her accolades graciously, blowing kisses to her adoring fans."
  9. Accretion
    • n.
    • Growth, increase by successive addition, building up

    "Limestone is formed by the accretion of tiny particles from objects such as shells and coral over a very, very long time."
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