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  1. articulate
    where bones meet
  2. diarthroses
    freely moveable joint
  3. amphiarthroses
    slightly moveable joint
  4. synarthroses
    totally immovable joint
  5. arthropathy
    disease of a joint
  6. arthritis
    inflammation of a joint
  7. arthrocentesis
    surgical puncture of a joint
  8. -centesis
    surgical puncture
  9. arthroscopy
    visual examination of the interior of a joint performed by inserting an endoscope through a small incision
  10. arthroscope
    endoscope used to perform arthroscopy
  11. total hip replacement (THR), total hip arthroscopy
    surgical procedure that replaces the upper end of the femur with a metal ball and resurfaces the hip socket (acetabulum) with a metal shell and plastic liner
  12. arthroplasty
    surgical repair of a joint
  13. synovial fluid
    fluid secreted within the synovial membranes to allow free movement of the joints
  14. arthralgia, arthrodynia
    pain in a joint
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