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  1. closed fracture
    the bone is broken with no open wound,
  2. open fracture, compound fracture
    the broken end of a bone pierces the skin creating an open wound
  3. greenstick fx
    • an incomplete break of a soft bone which means the bone is partially bent and partially broken
    • occurs in children bc their growing bones are soft and tend to splinter rather than break completely
  4. comminuted fx
    occurs when the bone is broken in pieces
  5. impacted fx
    the broken ends of a bone are forced into one another; many bone fragments may be created
  6. complicated fx
    extensive soft tissue injury
  7. Colles fx
    • break of the lower end of the radius which occurs just above the wrist
    • caused by flexing a hand to cushion a fall
  8. incomplete fx
    when the line of fx does not include the whole bone
  9. vertebrectomy
    excision of a vertebra
  10. spondylodynia
    painful condition of a vertebra
  11. spondylitis
    inflammation of vertebrae
  12. spondylopathy
    disease of vertebrae
  13. spondylomalacia
    softening of the spine
  14. vertebrocostal
    pertaining to a vertebra and a rib
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