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  1. To default on a loan
    is to fail to keep up the payments
  2. A meteoric rise
    is sudden, rapid and dramatic
  3. A pernicious rumor
    is sneaky and very harmful
  4. Empirical findings
    are found by experiment or in practice
  5. A huge tome
    is a very big book
  6. Ambivalent attitude
    is vague and undecided
  7. Ostentatious display
    is too showy
  8. Trenchant criticism
    is sharp and to the point
  9. Prodigious talent
    is outstanding
  10. Irrevocable decisions
    cannot be cancelled
  11. An apocryphal story
    is of doubtful origin and may be untrue
  12. Wanton dereliction of duty
    is reckless and deliberate
  13. Vicarious pleasure
    is experienced indirectly
  14. Inexorable advance
    cannot be halted
  15. A virtuoso musician
    is exceedingly skilful
  16. To trounce an opponent
    is to beat thoroughly
  17. Unwarranted assumptions
    cannot be justified
  18. Grandiose plans
    are on an exaggerated scale
  19. Hoary myths
    are very old
  20. An ignominious departure
    is shameful
  21. To transcend a limit
    is to go beyond a boundary
  22. To wallow in self-pity
    is to indulge or enjoy this state of mind
  23. Internecine warfare
    is mutually destructive fighting between related groups
  24. Jaundiced opinion
    is biased toward the negative
  25. To eschew evil
    is to avoid or repulse wrongdoing
  26. Illustrious forebears
    are famous ancestors of good repute
  27. An implacable opponent
    is impossible to appease
  28. Rancid butter
    has gone bad
  29. Raucous cawing of crows
    is a rough unpleasant noise
  30. A pungent aroma
    is a strong smell
  31. A resolute attitude
    is forceful and determined
  32. A sedentary job
    does not involve much movement
  33. To cower in fear
    is to recoil, or cringe
  34. A tangent to an argument
    goes off the point
  35. A byline to an article
    tells you who wrote the article
  36. Variegated leaves
    are multicolored
  37. To disseminate information
    is to spread the information
  38. A facetious remark
    is amusing but not to be taken seriously
  39. An inveterate liar
    is a habitual liar
  40. Inclement weather
    is extremely bad
  41. To allay anxiety
    is to make anxiety less
  42. To mollify anger
    is to make anger less
  43. Colloquial language
    is local, informal speech
  44. Noxious fumes
    are unpleasant and toxic
  45. An innocuous remark
    is harmless
  46. An onerous task
    is a heavy burden
  47. To parry a blow
    is to avoid or ward off a blow
  48. Vagaries of the weather
    are unpredictable
  49. Unstinting kindness
    is very generous, with nothing held back
  50. Entrenched opinion
    is very firmly established
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