ultrasound physics ch 16

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  1. What is dynamic range?
    the method of describing the extent to which a signal can vary and still maintain accuracy.

    We can think of dynamic range as "number of available choices."
  2. What are the units of dynamic range?
    decibels (dB)
  3. Dynamic Range is... (3)
    • 1.) a comparison
    • 2.) a relative measurement
    • 3.) a ratio
  4. What is the general rule of dynamic range?
    the dynamic range of information decreases the more it is processed.
  5. What technique reduces the dynamic range of a signal without introducing errors?
  6. What are the three requirements of compression?
    • 1.) the largest signal remains the largest
    • 2.) the smallest signal remains the smallest
    • 3.) the range of signals is reduced
  7. Can compression be adjusted by the sonographer?
  8. EXAMPLE of compression
    An uncompressed signal within the receiver of an ultrasound system has a dynamic range of 110 dB. The signal undergoes 40 dB of compression. What is the dynamic range of the compressed signal?
    110-10=70 dB
  9. What does a narrow dynamic range mean? (3)
    • 1.) fewer shades of gray
    • 2.) black and white (bistable)
    • 3.) high contrast
  10. What does a wide dynamic range mean? (3)
    • 1.) many choices of gray
    • 2.) gray scale
    • 3.) low contrast
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