Calculus Formulas Q08

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  1. floor function  (def)
    Greatest integer less than or equal to x.
  2.    (graph)
  3. ceiling function (def)
    Least integer that is greater or equal to x.
  4.   (graph)
  5.   (graph)
  6. Change of base rule for logs:
  7. Circle formula:
  8. Parabola formula:
  9. Ellipse formula:
  10. Hyperbola formula:
  11. eccentricity
  12. 1
  13. law of sines:
  14. law of cosines:
  15. area of triangle using trig:
  16. parameterization of ellipse:
  17. 1
  18. 0
  19. Intermediate Value Theorem
    If a function is continuous between a and b, then it takes on every value between  and .
  20. definition of derivative
  21. 0
  22. 1
  23. slope of parameterized curve:
  24. derivative formula for inverses
  25. Extreme Value Theorem
    If  is continuous over a closed interval, then  has a maximum and minimum value over that interval.
  26. Mean Value Theorem
    (for derivatives)
    • If  is a differentiable function over , then at some point between  and :
  27. linearization formula
  28. Newton’s Method
  29. Mean Value Theorem

    (for definite integrals)
    If  is continuous on , then at some point  in ,

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