AIS Week 3

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  1. What is encompassed in documentation?
    Narratives, flowcharts, diagrams and anything else that explains how a system works.
  2. What does DFD stand for?
    Data Flow Diagram
  3. What is a data flow diagrams (DFD)?
    A graphical description of data sources, flows, processed and destination. A DFD documents data flows.
  4. What is a document flow chart?
    A graphical representation of the flow of documents and data between departments.
  5. What is a system flowchart?
    A graphical description of relationships amount inputs, processing and outputs in an information system.
  6. What is a program flowchart?
    A graphical description of the sequence of logical operations a computer performs as it executes a program.
  7. What symbol represents a data source of destination in a data flow diagram?
    A square
  8. What symbol represents a data flow in a data flow diagram?
    An arrow
  9. What symbol represents a transformation process in a data flow diagram?
    A circle
  10. What symbol represents a data store in a data flow diagram?
    Two parallel lines
  11. What are the four basic elements in a data flow diagram (DFD)?
    • Data sources & destinations
    • Data flows
    • Transformation processes
    • Data stores
  12. What is a data source or destination in a DFD?
    The people and organisations that send and receive data.
  13. What is a flowchart?
    An analytical technique used to describe an aspect of the information system in a clear concise & logical manner.
  14. What are the 4 categories of flowcharting symbols?
    • Input/output symbols
    • Processing symbols
    • Storage symbols
    • Flow & misc symbols
  15. What is a useful function of a document flowchart?
    Analysing internal control procedures to identify system weaknesses and inefficiencies.
  16. How is a system flowchart used?
    In system analysis, design and evaluation.

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