Military Programs

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  1. What is the mission of ASAP
    • strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army
    • and to enhance the combat readiness of its Soldiers.
  2. What are the objectives of ASAP?
    • Increase individual fitness and overall unit readiness
    • Provide effective alcohol and other drug abuse prevention
    • Ensure quality customer service.
  3. What army Regulation covers ASAP
    AR 600-85
  4. ways that Soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem?
    • Voluntary (self-identification)
    • Commander  / Supervisor Identification
    • Biochemical Identification
    • Medical Identification
    • Investigation and or Apprehension
  5. Army regulation covers ACS?
    AR 608-1
  6. What is the motto of the ACS?
    Self-help, service and stability.
  7. What regulation covers Army Learning Centers?
    AR 621-6
  8. What are the goals of ACES?
    Develop confident,competent leaders.
  9. What is the Army Regulation that covers AER?
    AR 930-4
  10. What is the purpose of AER?
    AER provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers and their families
  11. What is the AER Motto?
    "Helping the Army Take Care Of its Own
  12. Define sexual assault.
    Sexual assault is a crime defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent.
  13. Sexual assault includes what acts?
    • Rape
    • Non consensual Sodomy (oral or anal sex)
    • Indecent Assault (unwanted, inappropriate sexual contact or fondling)
    • Attempts to commit these acts
  14. If someone has been sexually assaulted, to whom may they report the crime?
    • Their chain of command.
    • Medical Treatment Facility.
    • Military Police/Criminal Investigation Division.
    • Chaplains.
    • Social Work Services.
    • Family Advocacy.
    • Legal Services.
  15. What Army Regulation covers the EO program?
    AR 600-20
  16. What is sexual harassment?
    Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature between the same or opposite genders
  17. What AR covers safety?
    AR 385-10
  18. What Does DEERS stand for?
    Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
  19. What are some objectives of NCODP?
    • Develop and strengthen the skills, knowledge, and abilities to train, deploy, and lead soldiers in combat through battle focused training.
    • Develop NCOs who are self–aware, adaptive, competent, and confident.
    • Realize the full potential of the NCO support channel.
    • Foster a unit environment that enhances continued NCO leader development and encourages self–development as part of a lifelong learning process
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