Lab Exam 3

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  1. Alimentary canal
    Gastrointestinal tract; digestive tube
  2. Mesentery
    hold organs in place; site of fat storage; provide route by which circulatory vessels and nerves reach the organs in the peritoneal cavity
  3. Salivary glands
    produce saliva to keep mouth and other parts of digestive system moist
  4. Pharynx
    passageway for food, fluids, and inhaled air
  5. Esophagus
    passageway for food
  6. Stomach
    temporary storage tank in which food is churned and turned into chyme
  7. Small intestine
    site of enzymatic digestion of chyme and absorption of nutrients
  8. Ileocecal valve
    regulates flow of chyme from small intestine to large intestine
  9. Pyloric sphincter
    regulates flow of chyme from stomach to small intestine
  10. Large intestine
    absorbs remaining nutrients, absorbs water and electrolytes; bacterial digestion of feces and storage of feces
  11. Appendix
    neutralizes pathogens
  12. Liver
    produce bile, emulsify fats
  13. Gallbladder
    stores and concentrates bile
  14. Pancreas
    secretes/produce enzymes for digestion
  15. Pancretic duct
    carries digestive enzyme from pancreas to duodenum
  16. Nasal cavity
    warms cleans and humidifies air
  17. Nasal Conchae
    increase turbulence of the air and increase surface area of nasal cavity
  18. Larynx
    passageway for air; voice box; switching mechanism to separate food and air into proper passageway
  19. Epiglottis
    switching mechanism; distributes food and air into correct passageway
  20. Vocal cords
    produces sound
  21. Trachea
    passageway to primary bronchi
  22. Cartilaginous rings
    support trachea
  23. Bronchial tree
    passageway for air
  24. Lungs
    respiratory gas exchange
  25. Diaphram
    respiration; breathing in-and-out
  26. Ureter
    transport urine from kidneys to bladder
  27. Urinary bladder
    storage for urine
  28. Urethra
    transport urine out of the body
  29. Kidney
    filtration of blood and production of urine
  30. Nephron
    filtration of blood and production of urine; regulate concentration of water and soluble substances
  31. Clitoris
    sexual stimulation during intercourse
  32. Vagina
    birth canal; passageway for menstrual blood flow; main organ for intercourse
  33. Uterus
    houses developing fetus during pregnancy; womb
  34. Uterine tube (fallopian tube)
    site of fertilization; passageway from ovary to uterus
  35. Ovary
    production of eggs; meiosis
  36. Testis
    sperm production; site of meiosis
  37. Epididymis 
    stores sperm; where sperm matures
  38. Vas deferens (ductus deferens)
    transport sperm to ejaculatory duct
  39. Seminal vesicle
    produces 65% of seminal fluid
  40. Prostate gland
    produces remaining 35% of seminal fluid
  41. Penis
    delivery of sperm into vagina; intercourse
  42. Urethra
    transport urine and semen to outside of body
  43. Bulbourethral (Cowper) gland
    produces fluid that neutralizes acid
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