Med Term Ch. 7

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  1. bulb/o
  2. urethr
  3. bulbourethral
    pertaining to the bulbous penis and urethra
  4. ductus deferens
    (vas deferens)
    tube that receives sperm from the epididymis
  5. didym
  6. epididymis
    coiled tube attached to the testis
  7. genit
    primary male or female sex organs
  8. genitalia
    external and internal organs of reproduction
  9. gonad
    testis or ovary
  10. matur
    ripe, ready
  11. maturation
    process to achieve full development
  12. penis
    conveys urine and semen to the outside
  13. perineum
    area between thighs, extending from the coccyx to the pubis
  14. raphe
    line separating two symmetrical structures
  15. scrotum
    sac containing the testes
  16. semen
    penile ejaculate containing sperm and seminal fluid
  17. seminal vesicle
    sac of ductus deferens that produces seminal fluid
  18. testicle
    one of the male reproductive glands
  19. testis
    a synonym for testicle
  20. torsion
    the act or result of twisting
  21. andr/o
  22. androgen
    hormone that promotes masculine characteristics
  23. flagellum
    tail of a sperm
  24. libido
    sexual desire
  25. mei
  26. meiosis
    two rapid cell divisions, resulting in half the number of chromosomes
  27. mit
    threadlike structure
  28. mitosis
    cell division to create two identical cells, each with 46 chromosomes
  29. o/o
  30. oocyte
    female egg cell
  31. oogenesis
    development of female egg cell
  32. puberty
    process of maturing from child to young adult
  33. semineferous tubule
    coiled tubes in the testes that produce sperm
  34. sperm
    mature make sex cell
  35. spermatid
    a cell late in the development process of sperm
  36. spermatogenesis
    the process by which male germ cells differentiate into sperm
  37. testosterone
    powerful androgen produced by the testes
  38. tunica vaginalis
    covering, particularly of a tubular structure. The tunica vaginalis is the sheath of the testis and epididymis
  39. chori/o
    membrane, chorion
  40. carcin
  41. choriocarcinoma
    highly malignant cancer is a testis or ovary
  42. crypt
  43. orch
  44. cryptorchism
    failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum
  45. epididymitis
    inflammation of the epididymis
  46. epididymoorchitis
    inflammation of the epididymis and testicle
  47. cele
    cave, swelling
  48. hydrocele
    collection of fluid in the space of the tunic vaginalis
  49. in
  50. fertil
    able to conceive
  51. infertility
    failure to conceive
  52. orchiectomy
    removal of one testis or both testes
  53. orchiopexy
    surgical fixation of a testis in the scrotum
  54. semin
    scatter seed
  55. seminoma
    neoplasm of germ cells of a testis
  56. spermatocele
    cyst of the epididymis that contains sperm
  57. terat
    monster, malformed fetus
  58. teratoma
    neoplasm of a testis or ovary containing multiple tissues from other sites in the body
  59. varic/o
  60. varicocele
    varicose veins of the spermatic cord
  61. ampulla
    dilated portion of a canal or duct
  62. ejacul
    shoot out
  63. ejaculate
    to expel suddenly, or the semen expelled in ejaculation
  64. mot
    to move
  65. motile
    capable of spontaneous movement
  66. re
  67. product
    lead forth
  68. reproductive
    relating to the process by which organisms produce offspring
  69. rete testis
    network of tubules between the seminiferous tubules and the epididymis
  70. urology
    medical specialty of disorders of the urinary system
  71. vesicle
    small sac containing liquid; for example, a blister or, in this case, semen
  72. prostate
    organ surrounding the beginning of the urethra
  73. prostaglandin
    hormone present in many tissues, but first isolated from the prostate gland
  74. anastom
    join together
  75. anastomosis
    a surgically made union between two tubular structures
  76. anorchism
    absence of testes
  77. plas
    molding, formation
  78. hyperplasia
    increase in the number of the cells in a tissue or organ
  79. hypogonadism
    deficient gonad production of sperm or eggs or hormones
  80. nocturia
    excessive urination at night
  81. polyuria
    excessive production of urine
  82. prostatectomy
    surgical removal of the prostate
  83. prostatitis
    inflammation of the prostate
  84. resect/o
    cut off
  85. resectoscope
    endoscope for transurethral removal of lesions
  86. sterile
    unable to fertilize or reproduce
  87. vasectomy
    excision of a segment of the ductus deferens
  88. vasovasostomy
    reanastomosis of the ductus deferens to restore the flow of sperm
  89. acumin
    to sharpen
  90. acuminata
    tapering to a point
  91. cavernosa
    resembling a cave
  92. chancre
    primary lesion of syphilis
  93. condyloma
    warty growth on external genitalia
  94. contagiosum
    infection spread from one person to another by direct contact
  95. corpus
    major part of a structure
  96. erect
    straight, to set up
  97. erection
    distended and rigid state of an organ
  98. frenulum
    fold of mucous membrane between the glans and prepuce
  99. glans
    head of the penis or clitoris
  100. impotence
    inability to achieve an erection
  101. molluscum
    soft, round tumor of skin caused by a virus
  102. Peyronie disease
    penile bending and pain on erection
  103. prepuce
    fold of skin that covers the glans penis
  104. priapism
    persistent erection of the penis
  105. smegma
    oily material produced by the glans and prepuce
  106. spongiosum
    spongelike tissue
  107. syphilis
    sexually transmitted disease caused by a spirochete
  108. trauma
    a physical or mental injury
  109. balan
    glans penis
  110. balanitis
    inflammation of the glans and prepuce of the penis
  111. circumcision
    to remove part or all of the prepuce
  112. contraception
    prevention of conception
  113. dorsum
    upper, posterior, or back surface
  114. spad
    tear or cut
  115. epispadias
    condition in which the urethral opening is on the dorsum of the penis
  116. foreskin
    skin that covers the glans penis
  117. hypospadias
    urethral opening more proximal that normal on the ventral surface of the penis
  118. para
  119. phim
  120. paraphimosis
    condition in which a retracted prepuce cannot be pulled forward to cover the glans
  121. phimosis
    condition in which the prepuce cannot be retracted
  122. cide
    to kill
  123. spermicide
    agent that destroys sperm
  124. stricture
    narrowing of a tube
  125. urethrotomy
    incision of a stricture of the urethra
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