Cell Reproduction

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  1. What is the 'cell cycle'?
    The period between the formation of a new cell and when it divides to produce two offspring cells
  2. What is interphase?
    Briefly describe the different stages
    • Interphase: the stage in the cell cycle during which various molecules are synthesised and Dna is replicated
    • G1: pre DNA synthesis
    • S: DNA synthesis
    • G2: post DNA synthesis
  3. Mitosis: prophase
    • The first stage
    • chromosomes begin to condense (shorten and thicken)
    • Each chromosome is double stranded (from S phase)
    • Nuclear membrane diappears
    • network of fibres appear- spindle
  4. Mitosis: metaphase
    • Chromosomes gather on the equator of the spindle
    • Centromere of each chromosome attaches to the spindle fibres
  5. Mitosis: anaphase
    • Spindle fibre contracts
    • Centromere of each chromosome is pulled in two directions and splits
    • Drawn to opposite poles
  6. Mitosis: Telophase
    Nuclear membranes form around each group of chromosomes
  7. What happens during cytokinesis?
    • After mitosis
    • Separates the 2 daughter nuclei into separate cells
    • Cell membrane pinches in dividing the ell into two daughter cells
  8. What is meiosis?
    • A reduction division
    • Produces gametes
    • Involves one replication of DNA and two nuclear divisions
    • Results in halving the number of chromosomes of a parent diploid nucleus to 4 haploid daughter nuclei

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Cell Reproduction
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Chapter12 vce biology unit4 meiosis mitosis
Cell reproduction: cell cycle, apoptosis, binary fission, gamete production; inputs and outputs of meiosis
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