ASUS X401A Parts

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  1. What processor came with your ASUS x401a?
    The Celeron 1000m Dual Core
  2. What is the clock speed of the Celeron 1000m Dual Core processor?
    1.8 GHz
  3. Which internal hard drive did you laptop come with?
    The 320 GB Hitachi
  4. What type of battery does your laptop have?
    6 cell lithium ion battery
  5. What is the battery life of you 6 cell lithium ion batter?
  6. What is the screen size of your laptop?
    14 inches
  7. What is your screens max resolution?
    1366 x 768
  8. What type of wifi does your computer have?
  9. What are characteristics of the 802.11bgn wifi?
  10. What is laptop's graphics card?
    A Unified Memory Architecture graphics card which shares the main memory. This is slower if we had a graphics card with dedicated memory. Not great for playing high definition video games.
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