Med Term Ch. 8

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  1. clitoris
    erectile organ of the vulva
  2. estr/o
  3. estrogen
    generic term for hormones that stimulate female secondary sex characteristics
  4. gynecology
    medical specialty for the care of the female reproductive system
  5. labium
    fold of the vulva
  6. majus
    bigger or greater; for example, labia majora
  7. minus
    smaller or lesser; for example, labia minora
  8. mons pubis
    fleshy pad with pubic hair, overlying the pubic bone
  9. obstetrics
    medical specialty for the care of women during pregnancy and the postpartum period
  10. perineum
    area between the thighs, extending from the coccyx to the pubis
  11. postpartum
    after childbirth
  12. postubescent
    after the period of puberty
  13. progersterone
    hormone that prepares uterus for pregnancy
  14. puberty
    process of maturing from child to young adult capable of reproducing
  15. pubis
    bony front arch of the pelvis of the hip; also called pubic bone
  16. vulva
    female external genitalia
  17. candida
    a yeastlike fungus
  18. dyspareunia
    pain during sexual intercourse
  19. fornix
    arch-shaped, blind-ended part of the vagina behind and around the cervix
  20. hymen
    thin membrane partly occluding the vaginal orifice
  21. paraurethral
    situated around the urethra
  22. ruga
    a fold, ridge, or crease
  23. Skene glands
    paraurethral glands in the anterior wall of the vagina
  24. tampon
    plug or pack in a cavity to absorb or stop bleeding
  25. vagina
    female genital canal extending from the uterus to the vulva
  26. vaginosis
    any disease of the vagina
  27. vaginitis
    inflammation of the vagina
  28. vestibulectomy
    surgical excision of the vulva
  29. vulvovaginitis
    inflammation of the vagina and vulva
  30. chancroid
    infectious, painful, ulcerative STD not related to syphilis
  31. chlamydia
    a species of bacteria causing an STD
  32. condom
    a sheath or cover for the penis or vagina to prevent conception and infection
  33. gonorrhea
    specific contagious sexually transmitted infection
  34. molluscum contagiosum
    STD caused by a virus
  35. spirochete
    spiral-shaped bacterium causing an STD
  36. swab
    wad of cotton used to remove or apply something from/to a surface
  37. Trichomonas
    a parasite causing an STD
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