PCOM ONE2 Nerves

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  1. Patho reflexes
    • Hallux Extension + Flaring of toes
    • Chaddock's
    • Gordon's
    • Schaeffer's
    • Oppenheim's
  2. Chaddok's
    Noxious from lateral malleoulus to 5th digit
  3. Gordon's
    Squeeze calf
  4. Schaeffer's
    Squeeze achilles tendon
  5. Oppenheim's
    noxious up or down medial tibial shaft
  6. Femoral nerve distribution
    anteromedial thigh and leg
  7. Lateral Femoral cutaneous nerve distribution
    anterolateral thigh
  8. Posterior femal cutaneous nerve distribution
    Posterior thigh
  9. Sciatic nerve distribution
    • hamstring muscles
    • Everything except the short head of the biceps femoris
  10. Common peroneal nerve distrbution
    • Lateral side of the leg and the dorsum of the foot
    • Part of Sural
  11. Tibial nerve distribution
    • posterior leg and the lateral part of the foot and leg.
    • Part of Sural
  12. Obturator nerve distribution
    medial thigh
  13. Entrapment at medial malleolus
    Tarsal Tunnel syndrome
    Tibial nerve
  14. Entrapment during obstetric procedures
    Obturator nerve
  15. Entrapment at head/neck of fibular
    Common peroneal nerve
  16. Entrapment by piriformis
    • Sciatic nerve
    • Posterior femoral cutaneous
  17. Entrapment by meralgia paresthetica,
    Lateral femoral cutaneous
  18. Entrapment by compression of muscles at the pelvis and hip
    femoral nerve
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