Vis 21B Final: Chinese Art

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    • Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies
    • Gu Kaizhi
    • Handscroll, ink and colors on Silk
    • Six Dynasties Period
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    • Buddha Vairocana with Attendants
    • Limestone
    • Longmen Caves
    • Tang Dynasty
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    • Calvaryman and Saddle Horse
    • Earthenware
    • Tomb of the First Emperor of Qin
    • Qin Dynasty
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    • Colossal Buddha
    • Sandstone
    • Yungang Caves
    • Northern Wei Dynasty
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    • Early Spring
    • Guo Xi
    • Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk
    • Northern Song Dynasty
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    • Emperors Wendi and Fendi from the Southern Chen Dynasty, from the Scoll of the Thirteen Emperors
    • Yan Liben
    • Handscroll, Ink and color on silk
    • Tang Dynasty
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    • Emperor Wendi from the Northern Zhou Dynasty, from the Scroll of the Thirteen Emperors
    • Yan Liben
    • Handscroll, Ink and color on silk
    • Tang Dynasty
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    • Flying Banner (Feiyi)
    • Ink and color on silk
    • Western Han Dynasty
    • Tomg of the Marquis of Dai
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    • Gentlemen in Coversation
    • Earthnware
    • Eastern Han Dynasty
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    • Lamp in the Shape of Serving Girl
    • Gilt bronze
    • Western Han Dynasty
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    • Man Riding on a Dragon Boat
    • Ink and colors on silk
    • Eastern Zhou Dynasty
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    • Mirror
    • Bronze inlay with gold and silver
    • Eastern Zhou Dynasty
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    • Pure and Remote View Over Rivers and Mountains
    • Xia Gui
    • Handscoll, ink on paper
    • Southern Song Dynasty
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    • Scenes on Hunting (above) and Fishing (Below)
    • Rubbing of Earthenware Tile
    • Eastern Han Dynasty
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    • The Archer Yi, the Fushan Tree, and Reception in a Mansion
    • Rubbing of Stone Relief
    • Eastern Han Dynasty
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    • The Night Revels of Han Xizai
    • Gu Hongzhong
    • Handscroll, Ink and color on silk
    • Five Dynasties Period
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    • Travelling Amid Mountains and Gorges
    • Fan Kuan
    • Hanging scroll, ink and light color on silk
    • Northern Song Dynasty
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    • Viewing Plum Blossoms by Moonlight
    • Ma Yuan
    • Fan mounted as an album leaf, ink and slight color on slk
    • Southern Song Dynasty
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