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    • what is NALCOMIS
    • is an automated management system designed to provide maintenace, material, and operation managers in orgainzational maintenance activities (OMA) with timely, accurate, and complete infromation on which to manage aircraft maintenace and configuration, track maintenance resources, document aircrew data and system usage information
  1. what operating system does OOMA NALCOMIS use and what platform did it replace
    • sybase central in microsoft windows server 2003
    • replaced system administration main menu (SAMM) in a UNIX platform
  2. what is the primary hardware platform for OOMA NALCOMIS
    compaq ML370-G series system
  3. what are transaction Logs
    is the sybase term for logical log used by informix
  4. what is the successful archive of a database called
    (backup) Dump
  5. what does OOMA stand for
    optimized organizational maintenance activity
  6. what is the optimized OMA NALCOMIS
    is the effort to convert the legacy system into a more modern software technology, increasing the functionality of the application
  7. microsoft window server 2003 is what kind of operating system used in NALCOMIS Optimized OMA
    client/ server
  8. what is the brand name of the legacy NALCOMIS OMA database server product
  9. what is the brand name of the NALCOMIS Optimized OMA database server product
  10. what is the sybase term for Logical Log used by informix
    transaction log
  11. what is the sybase term for an action resulting in the successful archive/backup of a database or transaction log also know as a backup
  12. what is the definition of a detachment
    is a temporary reporting custodian with aircraft assigned from a parent squadron or unit
  13. when initially logging on to a detachment what is the criteria for user name and password
    first initial last name for both logon and password
  14. what are the differences between SOD and DOD
    SOD is within a unit and DOD is within a couple different units
  15. what does the acronym SOD stand for
    same organization detachment
  16. what is a temporary reporting custodian with aircraft assigned from a parent squadron or unit
  17. database releases should not be loaded on a detachment without direction from who
  18. what cannot be created directly to the detachment database
    new A/C or personnel
  19. after an initial detachment or augment is "saved to file" what can't happen
    no other A/C, equipment, or personnel cna be added to the detachment
  20. when loading augments, it is recommended that they are what
    are loaded in the same sequence as they were off-loaded
  21. what must DBA/SA ensure
    ensure that all augmented tapes are properly labled and numbered
  22. what does DOD stand for
    differnent organization detachment
  23. what does MOD stand for
    multiple organization and multiple organization detachment
  24. what detachment last 90 days or less
  25. what detachment has one or two aircraft detachments that operate independently for six months or so
  26. the differences between SOD and DOD detachments are
    • the amount of time
    • focus around the actual transfer of an asset for the DOD process
  27. while on detachment what can't be created or deleted
    aircraft or personnel
  28. what are the only personnel data that can be modified while on detachment
    • SMQ
    • work center
    • IMA password
  29. what does NLT stand for
    no later then
  30. what must happen NLT 2 weeks prior
    • set up detachment DMS
    • configure and test detachment wordstations/laptops/printers
    • gather required software, cables, and documentation required for detachments
    • ensure OOMA applicatoin version is the same on the Home Guard DMS and the detachment DMS-J:/h/>release.nbr (open using notepad)
    • create initial detachment using non-essential personnel or equipment
    • load the initial det and ensure you can log on to NALCOMIS as dbadmin from each detachment workstation
  31. what must happen NLT 5 days prior
    maintenance control provides the DBA with preliminary list of A/C, equipment, and personnel anticipated for detachment use
  32. what must happen NLT 3 days prior
    • create augment to initial detachment using preliminary list
    • do not save to file at this time
    • run check detachment queue option in the group explorer that enables identification of outstanding documents
    • maintenance control coordination
  33. what must happen just prior (24-12 hours)
    • run final check detachment queue and clear all discrepancies prior to "save to file"
    • perform final "save to file" after maintencace on selected assets has been completed
    • off load augment (via tape or CD)
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