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    • what are logsets
    • logsets are NALCOMIS electronic logbooks
  1. what are the logset retrievals
    this features within optimized OMA NALCOMIS enables access to an inventory item and its logset without going through the inventory explorer
  2. to display all logsets still unsigned what box must be checked
    the box at the bottom of the screen labeled "required signature only"
  3. what are the three tabs that can be edited
    • Misc history
    • repair/rework
    • the services period tab on the flight summary page
  4. what are assembly logsets
    are logsets for all installed components
  5. who is responsible for loading the tape and files on the detachment DMS
    system administrator or authorized personnel
  6. what may occur if an administrator fails to remove the read-only and archive attributes from the files after copying
    an error to the det_tape_restore executable when it attempts to delete the files from the TAPEBACKUP directory during the unzip process as it moves those files to the IN directory
  7. how long does it take to build a database
    45 minutes
  8. when loading the initial detachment on the detachment workstation, what user must be used to log on the OOMA application
    dbadmin with password dbadmin 1
  9. what must be assigned to perform the onload of the detachment once the dbadmin is selected
  10. what the recommendation for loading multiple augments
    recommended they be loaded in the same sequence that they were off-loaded
  11. where must an augment must be in what status before another augment can be created
    save to file
  12. what option must be selected in order to view the inventory and personnel tabs
  13. when copying files from a CD-R what attributes must be removed in order for a successful restore
    the read-only and archive attributes file after copying
  14. what is the alternate method of obtaining information on records transferred if a NMCI workstation blocks the message
    you can instead obtain this information by opening the item transfer status.txt file located in J:\h\omasrv\bin\folder
  15. what option is selected to send the files to cd
    send group to CD
  16. what does PMA stand for
    program management activity
  17. where is baseline changes sent to
    detachment DMS
  18. what can cause a transaction log overflow and a failure of the load process on the home guard
    delaying the database sweep process back to the home guard
  19. what are the two types of returns on a detachment workstation
    • partial
    • full
  20. what is the differences between the two returns
    the only difference is that full returns automacially deletes the initial and augment folders on the home guard DMS when all the items are returned
  21. what is the recommendation for small partial returns on larger detachments
    created to alleviate filling the log space on the home guard on return
  22. on full returns where are all items processed on the detachment DMS
    from the INBOX, OUTBOX, PRIMARY and any other folders present on the detachment DMS
  23. what is the difference between the "tape" method and the "CD" when transferring files from the home guard DMS to the detachment DMS
    is the medium used to transfer the files from on e server to the other
  24. when receiving files from a tape how long does it take for the tape to be cataloged and read
    10 minutes
  25. a detachment can be deleted if what
    if it does not have aircraft, equipment, or personnel assigned
  26. what is a graphical tool that provides a common interface for monitoring servers and replication servers
    sybase central
  27. sybase server has two modes of operation what are they
    • single-user
    • multi-user
  28. which mode is required for the proper application database usage of sybase server
    multi-user mode
  29. who may use single user mode to restore the sybase master database or diagnosis of serious database problems
    SPAWARSYSCEN representatives
  30. what is the first step to restore a database
    contact SPAWARSYSCEN
  31. what application is used to monitor database log space
    sybase central
  32. what is the system log files display information related to all aspects of the systems
    viewing database application logs
  33. what are the appropriate actions available when managing services
    • start
    • stop
    • pause
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