G.O. 31.3 Records Management

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  1. Records having a retention of more than ________ may also be considered for microfilming.
    10 years
  2. Traumatic Incidents G.O. 32.2

    The _________ will retain authority over the scene unless relieved.
  3. Supervisor will assure that if he/she cannot leave the scene of a traumatic incident, ______________.
    Another supervisor accepts responsibility for assuring the remaining sections of this procedure are implemented.
  4. Members directly involved in a traumatic incident may be relieved from active duty for up to _________________________.
    5 work days w/pay
  5. The involved deputy will be required to undergo a debriefing w/the agency psychologist ASAP, but w/in ________________.
    24 hours of the incident
  6. The deputy's B.C. will make sure an additional meeting is set up between the deputy and the psychologist, to take place not more than___________.
    48 hours after the incident.
  7. 32.3 Next of Kin Notification

    In death investigations, if the N.O.K. is not notified the name of the deceased will be released ___________ .
    within a reasonable amount of time
  8. All such notifications will be done, ____________.
    In person, at the residence of the N.O.K., by the eon duty patrol supervisor.

    OR the C.I.B Det. or supervisor
  9. In instances where the S.O. is requested to have a N.O.K. notification by another agency, or where a person is declared dead at a scene and not sent to a hospital, it shall by the duty of __________.
    The on duty supervisor of the L.E. Division to cause such notification to be made.
  10. If the next of Kin has not been located after a reasonable amount of time, ___________.
    This info may be released
  11. 32.4 Line of Duty Deaths
    next section....
  12. Line of duty death notification.

    This procedure is followed in cases of critically injured employees w/poor prognosis or ______________.
    obvious line of duty deaths
  13. Timeliness takes precedence over _______.
    The _________ on the scene is responsible for the ensuring that timely notification is made to the surviving family.

    Senior ranking supervisor
  14. The immediate supervisor, unless directed otherwise, must notify the next of kin _________ by appearing at the residence or place of employment accompanied by___________, along with the ___________________.
    In person

    The Sheriff or certified officer with the rank of Captain or above.

    The Sheriffs office charain.
  15. The surviving family should hear of the death from an agency representative first and not from the ______________.
    The press or other source
  16. The notification deputy will be seriously affected by the death; he/she should understand that shooting ____________ is perfectly acceptable.

    If the family wants to go to the hospital, they should be transported via__________.

    Agency vehicle.
  17. The first ranking supervisor to arrive at the hospital becomes ___________.

    This person is responsible for ______________.
    Hospital liaison.

    Coordinating the arrival of immediate survivors, agency officials, the press and others.
  18. The hospital liaison will ensure that medical personnel relate pertinent info on the employees condition to __________.
    The family first.
  19. Keep in mind that if these persons are not readily accessible, notification should NOT _____________.
    be held up until they gather.
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