Biology Cells

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  1. What are prokaryotes?
    • Prokaryotes are cells that do not have a membrane bound nucleus. eg. Bacteria
    • Eukaryotes are vice-versa and example of one is a Muscle cell and nerve cell.
  2. What is cell theory?
    • Cells are the basic units of life.¬†
    • Cells arise from pre-existing cells
  3. What are the characteristics used to define life? (MRS GREN)
    Movement: All living things move, even plants as they move towards sunlight

    Reproduction: All organisms need to reproduce to keep the species going so they don't die out. (plants produce seeds)

    Sensitivity: Organisms need to be aware of their surroundings.

    Growth: All living things grow and get bigger

    Respiration: All organisms need energy so they can perform tasks, obtained from food.

    Excretion: All organisms make waste.

    Nutrition: All living things need food. Plants cook food through photosynthesis.
  4. Image Upload
    Name all parts going from the top down.
    • 1. Subjective lens
    • 2. Coarse adjustment
    • 3. Barrel
    • 4. Fine adjustment
    • 5. Revolving nose piece
    • 6. Arm
    • 7. Clips
    • 8. Objectives lens
    • 9. Stage¬†
    • 10. Base
    • 11. Mirror or light (Mirror in this case)
  5. Name all Kingdoms of cells
    • Kingdom Protista (the single-celled eukaryotes)
    • Kingdom Fungi (Fungus and related organisms)
    • Kingdom Plantae (plants)
    • Kingdom Animalia (animals)
    • Kingdom Monera (prokaryotes)
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