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  1. What is cell Theory?
    • All living Organisms are composed of cells.
    • Cells are a basic unit of life.
    • Cells arise from pre-existing cells.
  2. What does MRS GREN stand for?
    • M- movement
    • R- reproduction
    • S- sensitivity
    • G- growth
    • R- respiration
    • E- exrection   
    • N- nutrition
  3. Movement
    • All living things move. Even plants move.
    • They move very slowly by growing in certain directions.
    • Plants can grow towards the light.
    • Even microscopic organisms like bateria show signs of movement.
  4. Reproduction
    • All organisms need to reproduce to keep the species going so they do not all die out.
    • Humans like Animals produce babies.
    • Microbes reproduce by simply dividing into two.
  5. Sensitivity
    • Organisms need to be aware of their surroundings.
    • This helps them to keep out of danger.
    • we sense our surroundings by our 5 senses.
    • Plants can sense where light is coming from so they can adapt and develop.
  6. Growth
    • All living things grow and get bigger.
    • From a tiny baby we all grow up into adults.
    • From a seed a tree can grow.
    • Even microbes grow, though not every much.
  7. Respiration
    • All organisms need energy so they can do thinngs like move and grow.
    • Respiration releases energy from food so we can do things.
    • All organisms need to respire to get energy.
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