Biology: Cells

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  1. What is cell theory?
    Cells are the basic unit of life
  2. what are the seven characteristics of life
    • 1. Movement
    • 2. Response
    • 3. Growth
    • 4. Exchange of matter
    • 5. Controlled energy use
    • 6. Reproduction
    • 7. Cell make up
  3. Nucleus
    Control centre of the cell, genetic material (DNA), present in all cells except for monera
  4. Cell wall
    Semi rigid, protective structure, present in all cells but animal
  5. Mitochondria
    Responsible for energy production and cellular respiration, present in all eukaryote cells
  6. Ribosomes
    Protein synthesis and production, not membrane bound, present in both eukaryote and prokaryote
  7. Golgi Complex
    Responsible for packaging and transporting things out of the cells. Made of stacks of membrane sacs. Present in eukaryote only
  8. Endoplasmic rectilium
    Transports within the cell, rough ribosomes attatched. Present in eukaryotes
  9. Chloroplasts
    Photosynthesis takes place here, contains chlorophyll that gives the green colour. Present in all plant cells and some Protist
  10. Cell membrane aka Plasma membrane
    Controls entry and release of things in and out of the cell, partially permeable. Present in both eukaryote and prokaryote.
  11. Lysosomes
    Aids with digestion within the cell, contains enzymes, apoptosis. Present in all eukaryotes
  12. Vacoule
    Stores H20 and nutrients in the cell, helps the structure of the cell. Relatively large in plant cells. Present in both eukaryote and prokaryote.
  13. Flagella and Cillia
    Helps move the cell, whip like. Present in both eukaryote (except fungi) and prokaryote
  14. Diffusion
    Movement of chemicals along a concentration gradient
  15. Active diffusion
    Movement of chemicals against the concentration gradient, needs energy.
  16. Osmosis
    Movement of water along a concentration gradient.
  17. Solute, solvent and solution
    Solute is a chemical that is dissolved in the solvent thus producing solution
  18. Equation for photosynthesis
  19. Equation for cellular respiration
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