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  1. What are prokaryotes?
    Prokaryotes are cells that do not have a membrane bound nucleus
  2. Image Upload       Label the microscope-
    • 1. Subjective lens
    • 2. Barrel
    • 3. Revolving nose piece
    • 4. Objective lens
    • 5. ---------
    • 6. Stage
    • 7.----------
    • 8. Diaphagm
    • 9. Base
    • 10. Knob
    • 11. Fine knob
    • 12. Arm
    • 13. Clips
    • 14. Light
  3. What are the 7 characteristics used to define life and explain each one
    1.Movement- All living things move. Even plants move. They move very slowly.

    2.Reproduction- Any form of life needs to reproduce. Need  to reproduce to keep the species going so they dont die out.

    3.Sensitivity- Need to be aware of their surroudnings. To keep out of danger/harm to survive. Help find food and shelter.

    4.Growth- All living things grow and get bigger.

    5.Respiration- All cells use cellular respiration. All organisms need energy so they can do things like move and grow.

    6.Excretion- All organisms make waste. When we respire we make carbon dioxide gas. To get ride of waste.

    7.Nutrition- All living things need food. Animals must consume other living things to get food.
  4. Name all kingdoms of cells
    • -Kingdom Protista (The single-celled eukaryotes)
    • -Kingdom Fungi (Fungus and related organisms)
    • -Kingdom Plantae (Plants)
    • -Kingdom Animalia (animals)
    • -Kingdom Monera (prokaryotes)
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