Yr 10 Biology

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  1. What is cell theory?
    Cells are the basic unit of life
  2. What is a prokaryote?
    A prokaryote is a cell that does not have a membrane-bound nuclues
  3. What is a Eukaryote?
    A Eukaryote is a cell that has a membrane-bound nucleus
  4. What is the organelle that supplies a cell with energy?
    The Mitochondria
    • M- Movement
    • R- Respiration
    • S- Sensitivity
    • G- Growth
    • R- Reproduction
    • E- Excretion
    • N- Nutrition
  6. What is resolution?
    Resolution is the detail of an object under a microscope, it is more detailed with a high resolution than a low resolution.
  7. Image Upload 1 
    Image Upload 2
  8. What is magnification?
    Magnification is when an object has been enlarged a certain number of times under a microscope
  9. What cell organelle produces proteins
    Proteins are produced by the Ribsomes
  10. What do chloroplasts do?
    Chloroplasts perform photosynthsis do supply energy for the plant cell
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