22.1 In Service Training

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  1. Sworn deputies will receive a minimum of ___________ of in service training every _______ as required by CJSTC.
    • 40 hours
    • 4 years
  2. Firearms and driving will be scheduled _______.
  3. Defensive Tactics
    Training for all less lethal weapons shall be provided a minimum of every __________.
    2 years
  4. Domestic Violence is required every ____.
    4 years
  5. Human diversity is required every_________.
    4 years
  6. Discriminatory Profiling and Professional traffic stops is required every___.
    4 years
  7. Juvenile sexual predators is required every____.
    4 years
  8. CPR is required every__.
    2 years
  9. Wellness testing is required___________.
    Voluntary basis
  10. Holidays or compensatory days are not to be taken on an assigned training day unless_________.
    it falls with in a vacation leave of 40 hours or more
  11. The ___ in attendance will be held responsible for the conduct of the personnel assigned to the class.
  12. Discriminatory profiling: Professional traffic stops requires ________ hours every ____years.
    • 4
    • 4
  13. Blood Borne Pathogens and Bio hazards updates are required___________ for sworn /certified members.
  14. Standard written tests require a score of ___________ to achieve a passing score.
  15. Sworn Deputy's who have been absent from patrol for a period of ___will e assigned to a Fro for a period of time to be decided by the field training commander and the field training coordinator.
    365 days or more
  16. Sworn Deputy's returning to patrol from extended absence's or assignments will receive training and orientation as part of their regularly scheduled patrol duties and as such will be assigned as part of a double unit and can be utilized to handle____________.
    any double car assignments
  17. 22.3 Police Baton
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  18. The Policy Baton is a ____ police weapon.
    defensive, police weapon
  19. ASP strikes should target _________ areas and extremities.
    center mass
  20. Strikes to the _____________are considered "deadly force".
    head, neck, spine, sternum or groin
  21. No modifications are authorized to the issued expandable baton except for _________.
    the addition of a hindi baton CAP
  22. ASP/Police Baton

    Approved Training will consist of a minimum of ____________.
    8 hours of basic instruction
  23. Policy Baton/ASP

    Re certification to maintain proficiency will be _______.
    every 2 years for LEO's annually for corrections.
  24. 22.4 Aerosol Subj Restraints ASR
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  25. Authorized uses of ASR:
    • 1. When it appears that utilization of other control techniques will most likely result in a physical confrontation that may cause injury.
    • 2. necessary to immediately cease or prevent violent acts against other persons or property or self-inflicted injury's
    • 3. anytime an animal attack is imminent.
  26. The use of an ASR constitutes use of force and is a ____________.
    non-lethal weapon
  27. The use of an ASR is not a justified response to "_________" unless exigent circumstances exist.
    Passive Physical Resistance
  28. The use of ASR may be justified whenever it appears that the utilization of other control techniques will most likely result in__________ that may cause injury to either the deputy or the person to be controlled.
    Physical confrontation
  29. When feasible, a __________ shall be issued to all persons about to be sprayed w/an ASR.
    verbal warning
  30. Deputies should use bursts of ______________ and the least #of bursts necessary to achieve the desired effect.
    one second in duration or less

    (unless it's a bear in Montana...you unleash and shoot that shitting bear)
  31. ____________ will not cause ignition.
    spraying on a cigarette
  32. The maximum effects of ASR should last approx. _______________.
    30-45 minutes
  33. 22.5 Fitness/Wellness Testing
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  34. Part Time employees, who work at least _________ hours per week may participate in the program, and receive _______ the award time earned by a full time employee.
    • 20 hours
    • 1/2 the award time
  35. Employee's over the age of ________ may participate in the program with permission of a medial physician. But are not required to participate.
  36. All members are _________ to participate in the wellness and fitness testing incentive program.
  37. Any member who is unable to participate in all or any part of the wellness testing due to medical reasons must have the appropriate sections of the physical fitness inventory test authorization form complete at least __________.
    14 days before the scheduled testing.
  38. Medical exemptions are in effect until_________.
    released by a physician
  39. Physical fitness test

    one test must be completed between
    One test must be completed between
    no test will be taken w/in __________.
    Jan 1 & June 30

    July 1 & December 31

    3 months of the previously scheduled test
  40. 22.6 Taser
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  41. The primary use of the Taser is to expand_________ in order to de-escalate potentially violent situations.
    tactical options.
  42. Taser force may be in defense of themselves or others or to ___________.
    gain compliance w/a subject in custody
  43. an issued Taser may be used when ________ or higher resistance is encountered, or to prevent __________.
    Level 4 (Active Physical Resistance)

    An individual from harming themselves or others.
  44. The use of Taser may be justified whenever it appears that the ___________________will most likely result in a physical confrontation.
    utilization of other control techniques
  45. The digital power magazine shall be replaced when it's capacity drops to __________.
    20% or less
  46. Members who deliver more than __________ of Taser application shall have EMS respond to the scene to evaluate the subject.
    2 cycles of more than 10 continuing seconds.
  47. The Taser should not be used on a __________except in extenuating circumstances.
    Handcuffed subject
  48. Deputies may use Taser on______________ but it is advisable to have animal control present.
  49. Taser probes that have struck the face, groin or female breasts shall be removed by________.
    EMS or medical personnel
  50. Taser probes that have been removed from a subject shall be considered __________.
    a biological hazard
  51. The Taser shall not be intentionally aimed at a personas _________.
    head, neck or groin
  52. 22.7 P.A.T....Next section
    next section....
  53. The pass/fail time for the PAT course is set at________.
    6 minutes 4 seconds
  54. The PAT standards are bagged upon those utilized by FDLE and reflect ___________.
    The 15 physical attributes as essential job functions.
  55. First Failure _________
    2nd failure  __________
    3rd failure _________
    maybe reconsidered after __________.
    • -within 30 days pass the PAT
    • -Temporarily reassigned not exceed 60 days, within 30 days pass the PAT
    • -reclassification to a non sworn position
    • -60 days from date of last failure
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